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Holistic & Alternative Resources for Conscious Living

Community Connexion provides a means for sharing ideas, concepts and information about the Emerging Global Culture: alternative education, sustainable shared living, socially responsible business, holistic ‘world wide’ health, inclusive spiritual values, and cosmic consciousness. This is a global mission consisting of a worldwide community with mutual respect and support for personal integrity and beliefs. Each individual and group is valued for their own unique viewpoint. As we share with each other, we are all gifted with an expanded picture of the “whole”.

Community Connexion began as a newspaper in the Greater Portland, Oregon area in the early 1990’s and eventually throughout the Northwest. It has continued on the World Wide Web since the late 1990’s. We have seen many changes on the internet since that time. The original web page was designed to assist with the free classifieds and they are still FREE.


  • FREE listings in our Directory of Conscious Individuals, Groups, and their services.
  • FREE self publishing Web Sites complete with your picture & personal URL address.
  • LINKS to your individual web site and related information.
  • FREE classified advertising to our new age/emerging global culture readership.
  • FREE posting of your individual schedule of emerging culture events
  • An established site to showcase your articles, writings, columns, and features.
  • Encouragement in your personal quest through association with others who respect your personal journey.

Today America and the world is experiencing accelerated change: Global communications, Global commerce, Global travel, Outer space travel, Inner space modification (drugs, medication, meditation, etc.) and even cloning life itself. In our lifetime we have seen a shift from a gold-backed monetary system to an electronic currency, e-commerce and e-banking over the electronic pathways of the Internet.. The implications are enormous, and we, here at Community Connexion, have enjoyed keeping up with the latest technologies and meeting both the challenges and opportunities they present. 
Already your e-mail address and URL are as important as your street address or phone number. They offer two-way communication from anywhere in the world and have revolutionized the way we work. For most of us, the biggest challenge in making the transition to the “Net” is building a Web Page. Small businesses can’t usually afford the luxury of a web master/web mistress, so we have added a new facility to our online services that we call “Self-Publishing.”

To meet our goal of providing a place to discover and communicate with others of like mind, we are offering our readers FREE Directory Listing and a FREE WEB PAGE.

This revolutionary feature is a FREE service that works with our LINX online directory of Resources for Conscious Living. It will allow you to use our simple template for setting up and maintaining your own Web Page on our site. It provides for your picture, headings, text, email address, web sites, and contact information, if you wish. It can be used to list your local events, workshops, Feature of the Month, special ‘Sale’ announcements, songs, poems, blogs, columns, writings, articles and the like. All this, including your own URL address and “self publishing” Web Page is available FREE, at absolutely no cost to you or your organization.

In addition, for a reasonable design fee, we will provide you with a commercial Web Site. For less than $10 a month we will host your commercial web site or 3rd party catalog of products and services and offer them over the Internet, complete with photos and ecommerce enabled, at www.communityconnexion.com or we can host any domain of your choice.

Thank you for your interest in this unique web site providing services for the Emerging Global Culture.

Readers are encouraged to discover and express your personal spiritual beliefs and community goals. We seek movement away from polarizing beliefs and encourage those who seek a position of transparency, clarity and “inclusivity” for all. You are welcome to become a participating member.

Email our Publisher at publisher@CommunityConneXion.com for further information or for easy online registration, click the List & Link button in the right column. This will allow you to set up an instant link to your current web site or, if you wish a FREE WEB SITE be sure to check the box to “Request a self publishing page”.