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Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It was released by Rockstar in 2013 and has become one of the most successful products in entertainment history, hitting the total sales of more than $6 billion. It offers traditional GTA gameplay, a story mode with three playable characters, and an online mode to play with other gamers.

Gameplay + Story: GTA Forever

GTA V is a proper sequel to the previous game of the series. As always, it develops a new story of new characters but offers the same gameplay of a larger scale. GTA V offers a wide range of transport to drive, weapons to shoot, and activities to be completed. As always, you can do whatever you want in an open world, designed to entertain you in many ways.

The story now has three playable characters. At first, they are not connected with each other, but as the story develops, they have to cooperate with each other. Once unlocked, you can switch between them at any moment and explore the open world as one of them. Each of the characters has his own personality, story, and unique abilities.

Graphics: Optimized GTA

The visual part also sticks to the series’ traditions. The objects and characters do not look very realistic, as GTA still utilizes its own style, but the graphics are very detailed, and the animations are pretty diverse. In GTA V, Rockstar has implemented the biggest open world for the series, and you may be sure that this world is diverse and alive. The streets are full of people, the traffic keeps flowing, and the landscapes will catch your eye frequently. The game was initially developed for the previous generation of consoles, making it easier for the developers to optimize visuals for PC.

Controls: Easy to Play

The game is easy to play on all platforms, and Rockstar had done a lot of work to make it playable with all input devices available. Both gamepad and keyboard players will enjoy the simplicity of controls, as the game utilizes only a few buttons, which change their purpose depending on conditions. The controls of the transport are pretty smooth, and it is easy to drive cars, helicopters, boats, and other vehicles available in GTA V.

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Grand Theft Auto V

5 / 5

Author: Rockstar North
Publish Date: 2015-04-14