Anticipating a Masterpiece: Blasphemous 2 Unveiled

Benjamin Thomas


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As anticipation builds for The Game Kitchen's much-awaited sequel to the remarkable game Blasphemous, released back in 2019, it’s thrilling to whet our appetites with the little slices of information that have emerged. Publisher Team 17 made great strides to satiate the curiosity of fans by gradually revealing details of the upcoming Blasphemous 2, leaving enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the game.

A New Twist on the Original Recipe

A New Twist on the Original Recipe

The first installment of Blasphemous gained a cult-classic status, fascinating its audience with a unique blend of Metroidvania and Soulslike elements. However, the scales tipped slightly towards the latter, nudging players toward gameplay more akin to the critically acclaimed Dark Souls series. This sequel promises to weave more Metroidvania aspects into the game, expanding combat functions for more exploratory and puzzle-based gameplay.

Wagering War with a Diverse Arsenal

Marching forward from the trusted Mea Culpa of the original game, Blasphemous 2 plans to arm players with not just one but three vibrant, new weapons, each with its unique knack. The early choice between these weapons forms a pivotal point in the game, demanding players to take a leap of faith based on their initial combat trials in the test arena. These weapons not only offer an array of combat styles but also are key to overcoming obstacles and accessing different biomes.

Embracing Metroidvania Inspirations

Embracing Metroidvania Inspirations

The game also plans to influence player progress by integrating these weapons with unique abilities. For instance, choosing the flail allows players to strike bells to summon invisible platforms, albeit this route is inaccessible to players harnessing the rapier and dagger combo or traditional sword. This aspect of the game strengthens its Metroidvania roots and makes exploration and puzzle-solving an integral part of the gameplay.

The Future of Blasphemous 2

Blasphemous 2 shows potential in embodying the Metroidvania genre in all its glory, offering players a refreshing gameplay experience. The ability to replay the game with different initial choices, even in Hollow Knight: Silksong’s absence, adds a unique touch to each run. We surely can’t wait to see how this unique blend of Dark Souls and Castlevania will unravel and captivate us.


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