Voodoo review is a game that, if very simply put, allows you to swallow everything in your way, pitting you against other competitors who are really just bots in the race to become first. It plays much like Donut County (maybe even the same idea?). Still, who doesn’t love a game where you are a gigantic sinkhole swallowing everything in your path? is just as described: you move your hole through various parts of a city swallowing everything in your path. The physics of the hole’s size and the items that you’re trying to consume determine what can go into your hole and what can’t. You compete against others who really don’t seem like real players, more like bots. At the start of each level is a two-minute timer. The first one to get to number one within this time wins. The game has limited maps, which makes gameplay quite lackluster and zaps out the fun just when it is starting.

You control the hole by dragging with a finger as opposed to a D-pad or an analog stick. It does work, but there is little else that you are supposed to do other than pressing on menu buttons. Occasionally, you might find it impossible to get some items into the hole, but this is more of a problem with the physics mechanics of the hole rather than controls. The last update has completely ruined the latter, and now dragging is an issue.

The graphics are rendered 2D animations with some perspective, although it does look great to some extent on mobile. The game packs a lot of colors, and the physics, though not realistic enough, still provide a good laugh as you see everything fall into a giant swallow hole. is definitely a game that you can play over and over again, but the experience is dampened by the constant glitches and lack of a real challenge from the AI. The game progressively gets harder, but there’s a significant limitation on the maps and playing options. There’s also no storyline to play through, and the two minutes for completing each mission just doesn’t suffice.


  • It’s an inventive game;
  • The mechanics play really well;
  • Watching things get devoured by the hole is fun.


  • The game has lots of glitches and often closes unexpectedly.
  • Has few maps.




Author: Voodoo