Google Meet Will Now Have Better Digital Backgrounds

David Byrne


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Those who work from home and use Google Meet will definitely benefit from the latest update of the software. If you have ever used Google Meet, you already know that there have been some issues with digital backgrounds and how they got warped when you moved around. Now, it seems that the update will make the virtual green screen look a lot smoother.

The previous version of the background was quite annoying at times because there were always trails appearing around the body whenever you moved. The developers worked on the problem and made the background less prone to be changed during the movement. Another positive thing is that this process will now run right in the browser instead of CPU inference.

According to Google, they are now ‘harnessing the power of GPUs to significantly improve the fidelity and performance of these background effects.’ Based on the information provided by the company, the way the team managed to improve the experience is by either using on-device processing or cloud-based computing for computers that cannot run video effects in real-time. With this update, Google Meet will now choose either cloud-based or device-based processing automatically. Thanks to this enhancement, it will be possible to save almost 30% of CPU and also battery life.

While it’s still possible that you will get occasional background bugs, the overall performance of this feature should be much more stable. There are many reasons why people may want to use virtual backgrounds during calls, such as hiding a messy room or where you are located, so now it should be easier to get the most out of this feature.

Do you use Google Meet? What is your experience with such virtual backgrounds? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section below!