Apple’s App Store Is to Show More Ads in Two New Dedicated Locations

Elina Rudkovsky


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Apple is bringing ads to yet new locations around its app store, dedicating two new spots to advertisements on the ‘Today’ homepage and product pages. Coupled with those on the main ‘Search’ tab and in Search results, that should make it a total of 4 designated places on the platform where you will be exposed to ads directly. While not the best thing that could have happened to someone who hates being bombarded with ads as they look for an app to download, it is great news for advertisers hungry for new ways to promote their products on Apple’s App Store.

The Today tab, which serves as the Apple App Store’s homepage, is likely to become the most lucrative spot for ad placement since it is the first thing everyone sees when they open the application. Advertisements will be located in the second slot on the page and will be explicitly marked as ads to set them apart from the new and curated content above.

Ads will also come to individual app pages, where other developers can place their advertisements right below the banner section of the original product. Even though the company says these ads will not target specific applications, they must still be relevant to the content of such pages, meaning there is always a chance your individual app page ends up promoting your immediate competitor’s product to your very own visitors.

Apple App Store’s decision to add two new places for showing ads on its platform might be because the previous two locations were hard to find and identify. Now, however, it should be much easier for developers to engage with the right audience. It is yet unknown when the testing of the new ad spots will begin.

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