Netflix Presents a New Platformer Game, Lucky Luna, Featuring Novel Swipe Mechanic

David Byrne


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Just three weeks after releasing the exclusive version of the popular Heads Up! game, Netflix has surprised its fans by adding another title, Lucky Luna, to its subscription service roster of mobile games for iOS and Android devices. This thrilling adventure in the Japanese folklore style is a vertically-scrolling pixel platformer that exposes players to the story of the main heroine, Luna, who embarks on a fascinating adventure exploring the ancient ruins filled with deathly traps to uncover the secrets of her past.

Unraveling these mysteries involves collecting all sorts of gems and clues scattered throughout the game environment.

As the official game launch trailer shows us, one of the things exclusive to this platformer game is a unique swipe mechanic that came to replace the conventional jump button. Instead of tapping the on-screen button, the player can use a swipe-up gesture to make the heroine perform her characteristic Luna Dash. The new control is easy to use and provides a fast yet fluid gaming experience.

While Lucky Luna looks like a solid platformer with attractive visuals, nice music, and gripping gameplay, it is hardly going to be a massive leap forward for Netflix or turn the company’s mobile gaming strategy into an overnight success. Still, it is a quality addition to Netflix’s game library and something fun and engaging that all service subscribers should try. If you are an iOS or Android user owning a subscription to Netflix, you can download this game for free via the Apple App Store or Google Play storefront.

Have you tried playing Lucky Luna yet? What do you think about this new video game by Netflix? Did you enjoy the novel swipe mechanic used in this platformer? Leave a comment below to let us know your opinion.