GTA 5 Update: Info by Rockstar Insider

Elina Rudkovsky


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Rockstar keeps bringing updates to provide GTA 5 fans with a fresh playing experience. No wonder this action-adventure game has become very successful since its initial release in 2013. Now loyal players are waiting anxiously for the ‘Expanded and Enhanced’ version of the game, which was promised to appear later this year. The developers claimed to update this renowned game to meet the advanced technology of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. The famous leaker Tez2 posted some invigorating details on the future expansion features.

New Clothing in the ‘Expanded and Enhanced’ Version

Even if you are not a dedicated fashionista browsing the websites of respectable designers all day long, you still might admit that clothing stores in GTA 5 could have provided a more varied assortment. According to Tez2, a new clothing category called ‘Gen 9 Exclusive’ will be presented. It will feature new unique clothing items for transferring characters to E&E. The leaker considered it as one of many potential bonuses which Rockstar is currently preparing for returning players.

There has been no additional information about the meaning of the mysterious ‘Gen 9’ combo yet. Perhaps, the developers might want us to guess the variants to come up with more creative ideas. 

‘Gen 9’ Enigma: Do You Have a Clue?

Since the puzzle hasn’t been solved yet, numerous suggestions appeared on the Web, like Trevor getting a thrilling appearance with new butcher’s clothes, Michael being modernized with a fresh, elegant look, creating a new ghetto-boy look for Franklin, etc.

What do you think about the news on the ‘GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced update? Do you have any idea of what ‘Gen 9’ could mean? Or, maybe, you’d like to see more graphic improvements in the future version of the game? Post a comment to join a discussion in the section below the article.