Miracle In The Void: The New Energy Revolution

By | May 20, 2019

Sir Arthur C. Clarke once said:

All truth passes through 3 stages:
First, it is ridiculed. 
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident!

What I am about to discuss has been ridiculed by governments and the media for more than 50 years. In some instances it has been violently opposed. Now it is time for the truth to be revealed so it can be accepted as self-evident, not just for its own sake but for the sake of this planet and all of its inhabitants.

I am referring to advanced technologies that tap into and release Zero-Point Energy or simply ZPE. What is ZPE? Put simply, it is the energy that drives the whole universe, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy.

Zero-Point Energy has been privately studied and researched for decades without official recognition or support. In many instances this work has been carried on despite constant threats and suppression especially prior to the 1990’s.

In part here are some of the benefits of ZPE technology:

  • It is an unlimited and inexhaustible source of non-polluting energy
  • It is ecologically sound with no deleterious waste products of any kind
  • It constitutes the ultimate in local, on-site, or on-board power
  • Every appliance can have its own in-built power supply
  • It has no cost other than its initial manufacture
  • It is simple and relatively inexpensive to manufacture and operate
  • It operates continually or on-demand with little or no maintenance
  • It allows inexpensive, efficient desalination of seawater for agriculture and other uses
  • It makes possible inexpensive heating, cooling, refrigeration, air-conditioning, etc.
  • It is suitable for all forms of transport.

This technology will revolutionize transportation throughout the world. It opens the possibility to “highways in the sky” where high speed vehicles would be able to travel safely, guided by satellite navigation systems, from anywhere to anywhere, with practically no risk of collision. It would also allow us to decentralize from crowded cities as people could easily and cheaply travel to and from remote regions.

There is abundant information available about zero-point energy (often referred to as “free energy”) on the internet for anyone wishing to explore. The web sites below are but a few of the sources for such information. Two excellent books provide overviews of both the history and current reality of research being done on zero-point energy and other technologies (e.g. low-energy nuclear reactions): Jeanne Manning, The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing Group, 1996) and the just published, The Search for Free Energy, by Keith Tutt (Simon and Schuster UK, 2001).

Also, well worth viewing are two videos: Free Energy – The Race to Zero Point and Cold Fusion: Fire from Water (both available from Infinite Energy magazine – www.infinite-energy.com)

The coming conversion to a decentralized, free energy economy appears to be inevitable. Thousands of free energy experiments are being conducted around the world, some by inventors working alone and others by collaborative efforts. Granted, we are in the research phase in a research and development cycle, with no guarantees that any particular commercial system will become available within a certain time frame. Granted, too, there have been and will be many false starts and exaggerated claims. However, given the significant research taking place in Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, the U.S. and elsewhere, there is little doubt that we will have extremely low-cost and non-polluting energy from zero-point or other processes in the very near future.

The biggest obstacle to R&D in the field is the lack of angel and venture capital. This is in turn is the result of many factors, chief among them the opposition of the scientific establishment threatened by the overturning of ruling paradigms in physics and their economic stake in existing technologies and pet research ventures (e.g. the failed hot fusion program); the opposition or benign neglect on the part of governments; the failure of the press to investigate properly both promising scientific developments and the vested interests which oppose progress; the inability of the environmental movement to consider new alternatives; and the ignorance and apathy of the general public.

Recent revelations of the Disclosure Project put into a new light the long-standing opposition to civilian new energy research by the U.S. government. This opposition has ranged from refusal to support research, denial of patents, and security bans. While this has come about for a number of reasons, it is likely that one of them is the desire of the military-industrial complex to maintain a monopoly on the advanced energy and propulsion technologies created in covert programs.

As is the case with all scientific revolutions, this one will eventually succeed. And when it does we will be faced with challenge of using and dealing with the consequences of energy sources which are unlimited, non-polluting, portable, available everywhere, and can be used to replace all other energy sources including fossil fuels.