It’s Time to Claim Your Power!

By | May 2, 2019

Planetary Heavy-Hitters Transform Your Life.

You may be thinking that summer is the time to kick back and enjoy a tall, cool lemonade. Actually, it probably is a good idea to relax during July. In August, a major planetary energy shift takes you to the precipice of life-transforming change. The Universe is once again raising the vibratory frequency on Mother Earth.

You will experience this shift in both global and personal ways. You will see the effects in your daily newspaper and on television. Watch for changes in the power structure in the world.

Saturn, planet of structure, boundaries, restrictions, and short-term sacrifice for long-term gain, will begin its opposition to Pluto. The transforming, regenerating, and burning-your-bridges behind you Plutonian energy oversees great wealth, taxation, death, organized crime, volcanoes, and pollution.

Astrological planetary relationships like this opposition may seem abstract for non-astrologers; but rest assured, everyone will notice this one. An opposition simply means that two planets are 180 degrees apart, or diametrically opposed to each other. Like a tug-of-war between opposite extremes, you will feel torn between two polarities. At the same time, you will open your perception to greater possibilities than you have yet to see.

For example, the full moon each month is an opposition of the Sun and Moon. Extensive research shows that people tend to act out at a full moon. Imagine what it will be like when two planets, representing the very structure and depths of both society’s and your own nature, are opposed to each other. In contrast to a 2½-day full moon period, the Saturn-Pluto opposition lasts from Aug. 5 until May 2002.

To make this concept easier to grasp, think back to the events of your life at the last great alignment of these life-transforming planets. Is there a relationship between activities started in 1982-83 and the changes in your life now? Consider how you made changes to the basic structure of your life in order to establish a greater sense of inner harmony. Think about the bigger picture of your life as well as global events.

On a personal level, it is time to review and revise the way you are using your energy. Are you involved in projects or relationships that drain your energy rather than empower you? Have you been hiding from some aspect of yourself that needs to come to the surface? Pluto takes you to the core of your fears and sensitivities. It dredges up your subconscious in order to help you eliminate that which has quietly taken away your power. Now is the time to face your shadows.

Although this may seem frightening, the opposing planet, Saturn, will help you to do the job thoroughly. Many people have a negative interpretation of Saturn. However, Saturn helps you to accomplish life goals and gives you rewards. But, you must first put forth your honest intent, diligent commitment, and long-term effort.

The intent of this article is not to bring you down with the heavy-hitting energy of Saturn and Pluto. The purpose is to show you that facing your shadows will empower you to attain new heights. You are given the opportunity to expand your core connection to your Divine Nature, and to express it in your daily life. That’s worth making a few needed changes, isn’t it?

This energy will affect the zodiac signs differently. As always, you must look at your entire natal chart to understand the complex dynamics of this important event.

If your Sun sign (or other natal planets) is Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, or Virgo, you will need to be flexible and adapt to the changes entering your life. You must balance spiritual truth with the practical needs of the world.

If your Sun sign (or other natal planets) is Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, or Taurus, you must release fixed attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. That which you thought was true is probably not true any more. A new dimension of truth is now available on earth. You need to step out of that comfortable rut.

If your Sun sign (or other natal planets) is Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, you are likely to be living in somewhat of a paradox. That is, a place where opposite things are simultaneously true. You are learning to take actions based upon seemingly contradictory influences. Life may seem simultaneously wonderful and unnecessarily difficult.

For all signs, you are learning to find your quiet center of inner peace in spite of the illusory appearance of chaos in the outer world. The Saturn-Pluto opposition will help you to reconnect with your power, but there is a price. You must be willing to adapt and change the very structure of your being.

Allow your fears to fall away. It is time to express your true, core spiritual power. The August through May cycle will empower you to step into the larger, light-filled being that you secretly already know that you are!