How big is your Aura?

By | June 28, 2019

(Creating harmony amidst chaos)

Did you know that your aura, the field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body, is growing?  Or perhaps it would be better to say that your awareness of it is growing.

Up until now most energy healers, psychics and mediums have defined the aura as being anywhere from a foot away from the body to as large as your arms can reach, outstretched, side to side.  This energetic ‘egg’ in which we are cocooned consists, depending on the energy system you are using, of 7 to 12 levels.

What if our auras were substantially larger?  What if, because of the gradual awakening of the planet, we could now access more of what is already our own energy?

Many years ago while coaching singers I noticed that if they visualized breathing from different spaces around their body their voices improved.  Over time I saw a series of lines and spheres which intersected into the Personal Sphere of energy  (as far as your arms can stretch out) and seemed to move outward into the earth and up into the heavens.  Between the Personal  Sphere and our connection with the galaxy, there are a multitude of intermediate spheres.

For theater performers and others who work with large numbers of people I often see a sphere, approximately 50-60 feet in diameter, which centers around the physical body. I call it the  Unity Sphere, because as I understand it all that intersects with the sphere on the outside is what isn’t us.  Everything inside is us.  The meeting place is the outside shell of the sphere itself, hence the name Unity Sphere, where each of us meets All-That-Is.

The Personal Sphere, the space defined by our outstretched arms, contains all  of the energies for this lifetime here on earth.  That includes the energies  for all potential choices that we might make, all of the possibilities,  chosen and not chosen, along with all of our connections to friends and  family.

The Unity Sphere contains these same energies, but for other incarnations.  Often times we experience subtle energies, energies that are spiritually based, as a sensation of warmth, pressure, or even sudden urges or emotions.  As the larger Unity Spheres of all of us are ‘turned on’, we will overlap that much more with other people who surround us.

As a result, we are bathed in the unconscious energies held in other people’s Unity and Personal Spheres.  These energies intersect, and interact with our own unconscious energies.  Oftentimes the result of this intersection is to wake up, or resonate some energy, emotion, or memory within us.

With the growing awareness of our aura as being 50-60 feet, when we find ourselves driving on a typical 3-lane highway, we may be sitting within the larger Unity Spheres of up to a dozen other  drivers. Since we are all human and have very human emotions, it is easy for one angry  or impatient driver’s energy to resonate, or light up, similar emotional energies in another’s aura; and so on, until there is one large group consciousness, (actually unconsciousness) at work.

Certainly knowing this, the next time you find yourself in a similar situation with people you can catch yourself.  It is as simple as asking yourself, the moment you feel a reaction to the situation, if this reaction is truly yours.  If it isn’t you will feel it simply fade away.

By asking if it is really you, you stop the automatic transmission to others.  As you consider and resolve whatever issue you do find to be authentically yours, the emotional energy lifts out of your space.  As that clearing or movement appears in your aura, everyone else connected to you feels the shift.  In this way the emotional energies of a traffic jam can be re-routed.  It’s a matter of remembering, and practicing!