Ultimate Guide on Healing Mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3

Benjamin Thomas


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Jagged Alliance 3 combines strategy and character management in an exciting game where players control skilled mercenaries. Keeping these mercenaries healthy and combat-ready is a crucial part of the game. This guide will lead you through detailed steps on how to heal your mercenaries.

Step 1: Understand the Importance of the Doctor Class

A key aspect of keeping your mercenaries in fighting shape is having a Doctor-class character in your squad. These characters are particularly skilled at identifying Medical Herbs and healing the team. Understanding and utilizing this role effectively ensure the survival of your squad during rigorous combat situations.

Step 2: Keep an Eye on Health Status

As battles wage on, your mercenaries will inevitably sustain injuries. These injuries can severely affect their performance, leading to penalties in accuracy, movement, and other essential attributes. Always remember to check on your team's health status before entering a new sector to avoid disheartening losses.

Step 3: Use the Tactical View to Heal

The Tactical View, which is available when a squad is deployed, is an excellent tool for managing your mercenaries' health. You can heal your squad in real-time without losing Action Points, thus maintaining your team's combat efficiency. However, remember that health is capped at the starting point of each deployment.

Step 4: Craft Meds from Medical Herbs

Healing your mercenaries during combat and deployment requires Meds, which can be crafted from collected Medical Herbs. You can create these healing items via the Inventory screen. Remember, only mercenaries with the required skill level and equipped with medicine can administer healing to themselves and their comrades.

Step 5: Use Satellite View for Full Health Restoration

The Satellite View offers another option for healing your mercenaries. In this view, you can assign tasks such as treating injuries, which can restore your mercenaries to full health. Keep in mind that the process takes time, and only one Doctor class character can attend to one patient at a time.

Step 6: Be Aware of the Risks and Manage Accordingly

While these steps provide the principle aspects of healing in Jagged Alliance 3, it is crucial to understand that the healing process is not without risks. If your squad is attacked during the healing process, the action will be interrupted. Similarly, mercenary contracts may expire, particularly if they are wounded, and could be better replaced for certain missions.

Step 7: Ensure Mercenaries are Fully Healed and Rested Before Missions

Before you embark on any task, ensure that all your mercenaries are fully healed and rested. This precaution not only minimizes the risk of losing your team but also guarantees optimum performance in the mission. Preparation is key in Jagged Alliance 3!


Mastering the healing mechanics in Jagged Alliance 3 can significantly impact your game experience. Understanding the role of the Doctor class, knowing when and how to heal, and effectively managing the health of your mercenaries are key strategies for successful gameplay. With the guidance of this step-by-step guide, you are sure to maintain a healthy and combat-ready squad in Jagged Alliance 3.


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