GTA V vs Saints Row 3 Differences

Alexander William


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Games are the perfect way to have fun and relax. Most people are thinking about which game they want to play or buy. There are many games to choose from, but some are better than others. GTA V and Saints Row 3 are two games that are quite similar but they still have some differences.


1. Atmosphere

GTA V is more realistic and it features some serious topics in its story, like family, life hardships and different aspects of modern society. Saints Row is, on the other hand, more cartoonish and with lots of humor, and, of course, way less realism. Saints row fits much better when you want to just relax and have fun, and GTA V will fit better when you're interested in a deep story. However, GTA V still has good humor too.

2. Characters

GTA V and Saints Row 3 both have a protagonist and some side characters. The protagonist is very important in a game and it's crucial for the player to connect with the character. GTA V has a protagonist called Franklin and, although we don't know very much about his background, we know that he's a gangster and he's trying to get out of the gang life. Saints Row 3 has a protagonist called The Boss and we get to know him more. We know that he is a leader of a gang and he is fighting against the Syndicate and other rival gangs.

3. Graphics

GTA V graphics are more detailed and have more realistic physics, and Saints Row 3 graphics are maybe less realistic but they are definitely more colorful. Also, the physics in Saints Row 3 is more focused on fun and making events look spectacular.

4. Gameplay

GTA V gameplay is more serious and the missions are more demanding, but Saints Row 3 gameplay is more relaxed and it's more focused on action. Saints Row fits perfectly when you're tired and just want to have some fun and see some cool special effects. Also, Saints Row has a wider choice of weapons and vehicles, like automatic grenade launchers, flying drones with homing missiles, flying jet motorcycles, and lots of other ridiculous things. GTA V doesn't have such a big choice of weapons and they are more "down to earth", but they allow for better customizability.

5. Setting

Saints Row 3 takes place in a, i suppose, alternative reality, where the government is controlled by megacorporation "Ultor". GTA V takes place in a fictional city, Los Santos, based on Los Angeles, California.


Both GTA V and Saints Row 3 are great games, but they still have differences. To choose the perfect game, you have to think about your interests. If you're interested in a deep story, with serious topics, then GTA V is the perfect game for you. If you're looking for a game that is more lighthearted, with more action, then Saints Row 3 is for you.


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