YouTube Has Introduced New Methods to Neutralize Rampant Comment Scammers

Audrey Hansen


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YouTube continues its policy of actively countering misinformation and fraud on the Internet. The latest changes are intended to reduce the number of impersonations and even tougher the fight against spam. Google has implemented 3 fundamental solutions to solve these problems.

Now users will not be able to hide the number of subscribers on their channel, which will increase the credibility of a particular channel. Since it will be extremely difficult for a scammer to gain an audience comparable to the number of subscribers of the original channel, you’ll know at a glance that the channel is a duplicate. Also, the choice of characters for the name will be significantly reduced to avoid the use of subtle characters that make the channel name indistinguishable from the real one at first glance. And there are a few new tools for content moderation.

Google has introduced certain restrictions on the type and frequency of use of certain characters. This will have no effect on conscientious Internet users, as you will still have complete freedom of choice in the name. However, for scammers who pass off their channels as others, and thereby earn money, difficult times will come.

The last change happened just a few days ago and it has already entered into force. As is clear from the description above, the update itself is quite simple and will not affect ordinary users in any way. Moreover, with its help, it will be easier for them to unmask the scammers. New tools for content moderation will also be a very useful assistant. They have been tested for several months and are finally fully activated. With their help, comments that contain spam will be instantly deleted by the system and it is quite possible that YouTube users will soon forget that spam even exists.

Have you fallen for scams on YouTube? Which of the new methods do you find the most effective? Please share your opinion below.