VMware Introduces Updated Desktop Hypervisors

Benjamin Thomas


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VMware talked about its new update of the hypervisors for the desktop. The developers have added native support for Windows 11 and Apple's Arm-based CPU's. There are currently 3 new hypervisors available.

Among the three new updated hypervisors you can see Fusion for MacOS, and Player and Workstation for x86 machines. The option for MacOS has reached version 13, and the others have reached version 17. The company has also added virtual trusted platform modules to these products. Michael Roy, a company manager who works in the hypervisors development department, explained that a virtual trusted platform module (TPM) works on the principle of fast VM encryption. This feature allows you to process only those parts of the VM that are necessary for the TPM to work properly.

The company representative claims that this allows you to maintain security, while providing high performance. He also wrote that partial encryption and full virtual machine encryption use the same strength to process data. However, partial encryption offers you better performance. You do not need to enter the encryption password on the Mac each time the virtual machine boots up, as it is stored in the keychain. You can set your own encryption password, or leave the one generated by the virtual machine. VM does this automatically.

VM Player can run a virtual trusted platform module and play virtual machines. It cannot allow the creation of a VM. Also VM Player is often used as a client to launch software appliances. Fusion cannot run at its full potential in Apple Silicon, as it is limited to using guest operating systems that were built for Arm. Microsoft also prevents individuals from obtaining a license to use Windows for Arm. 

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