Valve Rolled Out New Steam Deck Update

Benjamin Thomas


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Steam Deck manufacturer Valve has recently released a new software overhaul for the handheld gaming computer. Following the release earlier in 2022, Valve flourishes the platform with new hardware-polishing patches on a regular basis. It looks like this trend is only going to continue. And it’s good news! Keep reading for more information.

As of today, Steam Deck owners are free to lay their fingertips on the SteamOS version 3.3. The patch offers an array of upgrades to the majority of the platform’s elements. For example, the Quick Access Menu has been significantly improved, allowing users to access the notification tab, as well as contributing to enhanced communication with buddies via a multitude of means. 

Also, with the new patch, you can now accept game invites without popping into the chat window. As an added bonus, you can also enjoy ten to thirty seconds of increased boot time animation. Some user interface tweaks were also implemented as part of this latest Steam Deck overhaul. 

Because the update is for beta and preview channels, bear in mind that your presence in the Steam Deck beta and preview channels is a must if you want to access all the aforedescribed perks. You’ll deal with functionality that’s still in the works, which means certain tools may not always function perfectly well. No worries, it's only natural. As of today, Valve remains tight-lipped in regards to when the public build will be rolled out. If you’re just planning to buy a Steam Deck, now’s definitely the best, free from pre-orders time for this. 

So, have you already seen the post-overhaul Steam Deck UI improvements and bug fixes? What are your thoughts on them? Speak up in the comment box below and get the conversation started. We are always delighted to receive your feedback.


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