TikTok Focuses on Monetization and Launches Subscription Comedy Series

Audrey Hansen


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With so many complaints from TikTokers about their earnings on the platform, the social media giant looks for ways to improve the situation. This time, the company is coming out with the subscription comedy series in the app, which has the potential to increase the monetization opportunities for the creators.
TikTok launches a comedy series in eight parts with the content creator Jericho Mencke. The users can pay $4.99 for a season of the series and every episode is supposed to be around 30 minutes long. The addition of lengthier videos will make it possible to monetize them easier, which has been an issue of TikTok for a while now. Some of the biggest TikTok names complained about problems with the Creator Fund and also noted a striking difference between the earnings on TikTok and other platforms. Even TikTokers that get millions of views earn less income compared to those who generate the same amount of views on YouTube.
It is definitely difficult to compare YouTube and TikTok directly because of the sheer difference in the lengths of videos and how much effort is involved in creating them. Still, if TikTok doesn’t change its monetization scheme, it is likely that plenty of creators will simply look for other platforms to post their content.
At the moment, TikTok works on adding different monetization options in addition to subscriptions. This includes eCommerce integrations, Live Gifting, and such. Also, the platform now allows creators to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes long. This will not only help diversify the content but also make it possible to have ads somewhere in the middle.
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