Steam Deck May Replace Nintendo Switch… with an Emulator

Benjamin Thomas


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Emulators of old consoles are a big thing now, giving access to old gems that can’t be played on the original hardware as it’s got obsolete. But what about one modern console emulating another? Well, Steam Deck seems to enter this adventure. The new promo video of Steam Deck reveals that it can have an onboard emulator of Nintendo Switch.

As Valve updates Steam Deck in 2022 and advertises it, it posts promo materials, and sometimes they tell more than intended. The video with the suggesting frames was shared in regard to the updated Steam Deck version that is to appear soon. The reference was short but one of the viewers spotted a frame that suggested more than Valve had articulated. On that frame, one could see the desktop pf Steam Deck with an app named Yuzu. If it doesn’t ring a bell for you, Yuzu is one of the most controversial apps that allows for using Steam Deck as a Switch emulator.

Though the idea is great, hardly can it be called legal in any way. Nintendo will definitely not approve on any emulators outside its own products, though it offers one for older consoles in its own Switch. Probably that’s why the inclusion of named Yuzu in the official Steam video resonated so much after the tweet. No wonder Valve had the video edited and reuploaded immediately, replacing the icon in question by that of Portal 2.

Still, Steam Deck users know where to find Yuzu and how to install and use it. The intrigue was rather about whether Valve had made it official before publishing this, and the response can be definitely read as a no. Still, even Steam Deck doesn’t feature Yuzu right out of the box, this won’t stop enthusiasts from getting two consoles for the price of one.

Have you already got your Steam Deck? Tried Yuzu? How does it perform next to the original Switch? And do you think there’s something going on between Valve and Nintendo that gives any hope for that? Share your opinion with us in the comments!


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