Spotify Cracks Down on AI-Generated Music, Removes 7% of Boomy Songs

Benjamin Thomas


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In an effort to curb the rise of computer-generated music on its platform, Spotify has removed seven percent of songs published by AI music company Boomy. This decision comes after Universal Music alerted the streaming giant about potentially suspicious activity surrounding Boomy's content, particularly concerning listener figures. The explosion of AI-generated content across the internet has left various industries concerned, including the music sector.

Universal Music reached out to Spotify after observing that bots could potentially be employed to increase listener counts for Boomy's songs. This deceptive practice could result in significant financial gains for those uploading such content. As a result, Spotify took action by removing a portion of the AI-generated songs from its platform.

The rapid growth and infiltration of artificial intelligence in the music industry have raised concerns about authenticity and fairness when it comes to revenue distribution. With advancements in technology allowing for easier creation and dissemination of AI-generated content, it becomes increasingly challenging for platforms like Spotify to monitor and regulate such activities.

However, this recent move by Spotify demonstrates its commitment to addressing these concerns and maintaining a fair playing field for all artists on its platform. By removing seven percent of Boomy's AI-generated songs, they send a clear message that fraudulent practices will not be tolerated.

In conclusion, as technology continues to evolve and impact various industries, it is crucial for companies like Spotify to stay vigilant in their efforts to combat suspicious activities and ensure a level playing field for all creators. The removal of AI-generated songs from Boomy is just one example of how streaming platforms can take action against potential fraudulence in the ever-changing digital landscape.


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