Snapchat+ New Tools Announced

Mia Harrison


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Snapchat is planning to incorporate some new tools into its Snapchat+ tier. This subscription plan comes with an array of nifty add-ons for a budget-friendly monthly price of $4. Keep reading for details.

None of the aforementioned adjustments are specifically ground-breaking. However, with over a million subscribers, the offering is sure to become a lot sweeter juiced up by these new additional features. So, what exactly do they entail? Let’s dive into this without further ado.

The most talked about addition is Customer Story Expiration available for S+ subscribers. With this new option, you are free to choose to adjust your stories to kill themselves off after one hour or up to seven days. The tool allows you to ensure that your buddies see your best Snaps that you want to share longer. It’s handy and time-saving!

Snapchat is also incorporating custom notification sounds. From now on, as a S+ subscriber, you get to opt for a specific sound for a specific friend. That way, you’ll tell who Snapped you without even touching your smartphone. That’s what we call the ultimate convenience!

Other tweaks imply adjustable visuals. For example, as a Snapchat+ subscriber, you can now lay your hands on unique Bitmoji backgrounds available exclusively to you. Furthermore, you can now adjust your home screen icon and change the vibrant yellow into a different color of your mood-of-the-day choice. The possibility to choose a custom color border is also a nice tweak within the latest overhaul. 

In addition to all this, Snapchat also grants you the possibility to buy a Snapchat+ subscription for a friend. That could make a nice Christmas gift, don’t you think? So, what about you? Do you enjoy Snapchat+? Or, would you like to give it a try? Have your say about the aforedescribed tweaks in the comments below.


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