Netflix App Store Update Brings Refreshed Look, Card-Like Interface

Elina Rudkovsky


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Netflix recently released an update for its iPhone app, with the new version bringing a refreshed look and a card-like interface. The new update, which started development in 2022, adds animations and transitions to the interface, creating a fluid experience. The “billboard layout” adds matching backgrounds to the interface, making it look professional and modern. To access the new version, users must update to version 15.14.0 of the Netflix app via the App Store.

The new version of the Netflix iPhone app includes a variety of new animations and transitions, making the interface appear fluid and modern. The card-like interface allows users to navigate between sections more easily, while the matching backgrounds give the app a professional look. The new version also includes support for new hardware, such as the iPhone 12 and its A14 Bionic chip, allowing users to make the most of their devices.

The new version of the Netflix app also includes a variety of improvements to the user experience. Users can now find content more quickly with the improved search function, and the new “Discover” tab makes it easier to explore new content. There is also a new “My List” feature, which allows users to save movies and shows for later viewing.

The updated version of the Netflix app also includes improved parental controls. Parents can now set up profiles for their kids and control what content they can access. The app also includes an updated filtering system, which allows parents to set age-appropriate limits for their children.

Netflix's new update for its iPhone app is a welcome addition, bringing a refreshed look and improved user experience. The new animations and transitions make the interface appear fluid, while the card-like interface and matching backgrounds give it a modern and professional look. The update also includes improved parental controls and a new “Discover” tab, making it easier for users to explore new content.