Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game - Sneak into Pre-orders Now

Benjamin Thomas


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Konami's renowned stealth-based video game series, Metal Gear Solid, is infiltrating the tabletop domain with Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game. Fans can now secure their copies through pre-orders, ahead of its anticipated release in Q3 2023. The board game was developed by the renowned design team Emerson Matsuuchi and IDW Games, with the latter being responsible for its publication.

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game encapsulates the essence of the iconic video game series, providing an immersive, cooperative experience with stunning miniatures and an engaging storyline. The game allows for one to four players who take on the roles of legendary series characters Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Otacon, and Gray Fox. Each character possesses unique abilities, enabling diverse strategies and tactics to tackle various objectives within the immersive and modular gameboard.

Players will work together, utilizing their characters' distinct abilities, to succeed in missions, avoid enemy guards, and ultimately achieve desired goals. The board game showcases a unique combination of stealth, combat, teamwork, and strategy, with dice-driven combat mechanics, card-based skills, and an innovative sandbox-like mission structure. Furthermore, Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game offers more than just nostalgic appeal, boasting twenty beautiful and highly detailed miniature figures that will spark awe in both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game is available for pre-order at a retail price of $100, with a Gen Con 2023 pre-release pickup option for attendees. This enticing tabletop adaptation offers a fresh perspective on the much-loved video game series, delivering a richly designed cooperative experience that stays true to the franchise's core stealth and strategy elements. Metal Gear aficionados and board game enthusiasts alike will not want to miss out on this opportunity to embark on an espionage journey with some of the most iconic characters in video game history.


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