Meta Will Further Protect User Data With New E2E Encryption Methods

Audrey Hansen


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Many law enforcement agencies complain that they cannot access user information in large applications. Meanwhile, this does not stop developers from implementing end-to-end encryption and other methods in order to increase the degree of user privacy. 

Meta is now in the process of adding E2E encrypted chat back-ups to its Instagram and Messenger apps. Meta believes that the history of messages in the modern world can be very important and useful. In view of this, it is necessary to ensure that users can access it even if the device is lost, but at the same time ensure reliable protection of such data from unwanted persons.

Access to messages will be possible only if the correct pin code is entered. Also, such a system will allow to differentiate access to information from different devices, which will ultimately lead to convenient integration between various company applications. Meta borrowed this innovation from WhatsApp. While this feature is in testing, not all new encryption is available. However, if you are part of the tester group, all your new messages will be protected by the new methods.

The UK government is the most vocal of all others in protesting the Met's policy, which they believe will lead to an increase in crime. Previously, with more free access to data, law enforcement agencies could find evidence that would allow them to solve crimes. Now this seems like an impossible task.

Do you think the number of unsolved crimes will increase due to the increase in the level of protection of user data by Meta? Are you a supporter of the introduction of such encryption methods? Please share your opinion with others in the comments.