Enabling The Witcher 3 Console Commands

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Do you want to mess around with your PC version of The Witcher 3? You can do it with The Witcher 3 PC console commands. If you still don’t know how to do it, read our step by step guide, and get ready to have some Hackerman-style fun!

Method One

The first way to enable debugging tools in your game works only if you have the v1.31. Skip to the next paragraph if it’s not your case. It involves fewer actions than the second mode, though. First of all, you have to download a dedicated file from Nexus Mods. Copy it to the clipboard and paste to “dsound.dll” and to the Plugins folder. The “dsound.dll” is located in “The Witcher 3 Main Folder > Bin > x64.” 

Method Two: Universal

This method to enable The Witcher 3 console commands includes more steps, but you can apply it to any version of the game. It’s used by the vast majority of players. Here’s how to access the debugging tool:

  1. Open The Wither 3 folder on your computer;

  2. You can paste this for fast access: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steamteamapps\common\The Witcher 3\bin\config\base;

  3. Find the ‘general.ini’ file, copy it, and paste on a USB drive. This backup will protect you in case of trouble;

  4. Now open the original ‘general.ini’ file with Notepad (right click\open\Notepad);

  5. Find:

  • [General] CR LF 

  • ConfigVersion=2

  1. Congratulations! Now you can access the console by pressing the ‘~’ button anytime. 

The Witcher 3 Console Commands List

We’ve lost count of published console commands for the PC Witcher 3 as there are too many of them. However, we’ve already learned the most enjoyable of them. Here’s our top listing of commands:

  • Do you want to have more inventory space? For that, you can additem (‘Horse Bag 3’) and enjoy using the largest horse bags. It’s a good way to spend less time traveling to the nearest trading point. 

  • If you want to skip crafting routines, you can add any item you need by using additem('Abarad'). You can also replace it with anything you want to add to your bag. 

  • To learn the 9th level of Alchemy, use learnskill('alchemy_s9'). By modifying this command, you can also upgrade your sword skills, magic, and perks. 

Here are some more useful commands:

  • “Ciri” or “Geralt” – switches between characters;

  • addabl(Ciri_Q501) – get 2500 health and 800 attack points for Ciri;

  • additem(q403_ciri_meteor) – get Meteor for Ciri;

  • (winGwint(true/false)) – win all Gwent games;

  • (killall(distance)) – kill all enemies.

Need More?

You can easily find broader lists of commands on the web and change the rules of the game beyond recognition. Which commands from our list will you apply today? Or maybe you know some other cool commands? Add your reply below and share the article with other Witcher fans.


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