Diablo's Hearthstone Return in June: Audiopocalypse Mini-Set Arrives

Benjamin Thomas


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Blizzard Entertainment reveals big news for the seasoned players of Hearthstone as Diablo joins the roster of the popular digital card game within the United in Stormwind expansion in June. Furthermore, the Audiopocalypse Mini-Set is set to be released next week, shaking up the competitive meta.

On May 31, United in Stormwind, the upcoming expansion for Hearthstone, was announced, featuring 135 new cards and introducing a new keyword:  "Tradeable." The Tradeable mechanic allows players to swap a card with a random one from their deck and adds yet another layer of strategy to the game. Alongside United in Stormwind, the Audiopocalypse Mini-Set arrives next week, bringing 35 new cards into the mix.

The highly anticipated arrival of Diablo, the iconic villain from the Diablo game series, has been confirmed by Blizzard. Diablo is set to hit the battleground as a hero in the Duel format of Hearthstone. His "Wrath of Terror" ability destroys enemy minions until his remaining health equals the destroyed minions' combined Attack, giving Diablo an edge in the late game.

The Audiopocalypse Mini-Set includes a new " Audiophile " card featuring the new Tradeable mechanic. This card allows players to destroy all minions with Battlecry effects but silences the minions before doing so. This addition promises to bring new tactics and strategies to challenge the current metagame.

With Diablo entering the arena in June and the Audiopocalypse Mini-Set coming next week, Hearthstone players are gearing up for an exciting time as new content and game mechanics are introduced. The addition of Tradeable cards and the introduction of Diablo are sure to reinvigorate the game for both new and experienced players.


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