Activision's Anti-Cheat Software Successfully Bans Over 14,000 Cheaters in One Day

Benjamin Thomas


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In a ground-breaking development for Activision and the online gaming community, Call of Duty’s anti-cheat program, Ricochet, reportedly banned over 14,000 game cheaters in a single day—a remarkable demonstration of the software's potency. The developer shared this achievement across their official social media accounts, signaling a significant strike against dishonest gaming practices in popular online games like Warzone and Modern Warfare II.

This news followed the launch of certain updates designed to directly tackle and impede cheaters within these games. New identification mechanisms now target cheat developers at their roots—where the unfair advantage begins. This approach is unlike traditional anti-cheat systems that target end-users alone.

In recent times, Activision has been relentless in its quest to sanitize its gaming environment. Their current course involves not just dealing with in-game cheaters but also confronting cheat developers head-on. By making a conscious decision to chase after the originators of these illicit tools, Activision sets a precedent within the online gaming industry—in a bid to create a fair and enjoyable playing terrain for genuine gamers.

Activision's fight is alive and well, with legal notices served to cheat development platforms, effectively shutting down some notorious ones. The battle is two-fold: on the one hand, an unending digital war against in-game cheaters and, on the other, a legal standoff with those who develop and distribute cheats. Fired up by the recent success of Ricochet, Activision’s strides can be seen as an exemplar for other game developers tackling similar challenges.

This fierce determination to quash in-game cheating and protect the integrity of their games is a win for the community. Players can look forward to a cleaner, fairer gaming experience, sitting on the foundation of trust and genuine skill. By focusing on cheat developers as well as in-game cheaters, Activision is raising the bar on anti-cheat measures, ensuring a level playing field for everyone that drops into Warzone or boots up Modern Warfare II.


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