Top 5 Brain Exercise Games For Android and iOS

Benjamin Thomas


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Smartphones are everywhere. The average person spends four hours a day on their phone. This trend is rising, with an additional hour a day being used on mobile devices. It's important to take care of one's mind and body, so here is a list of games that promote brain activity for your phone.

1. Lumosity

Lumosity is one of the most significant brain training programs available for Android and iOS today. It is also one of the most popular apps in the Google Play Store with more than 10 million downloads and has received many positive reviews from its users.

The app is a great way to exercise your brain and can help you to improve your memory and concentration. It also has a vast selection of games that you can choose from. The app’s ability to track your progress is another great feature that allows you to see how you are doing as you complete each test. Overall, it’s a great app that will help to keep your brain fit.

2. Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge is another excellent app for Android and iOS that will help to train your brain. The app includes a wide selection of games that you can play on your own or compete with your friends. It also has a great interface that is easy to use.

There are several different features available in the app, including a fitness tracker and notes. Overall, Brain Challenge is a perfect brain training app, but perhaps not as good as Lumosity. It’s still a great choice.

3. Peak

Peak brain training game is an app that claims to help users use their brains more efficiently and safely. The user is given five different exercises: crosswords, a word finder, a math game, and a problem solver. The exercises are at different levels of difficulty, and the user can set the time and the number of repetitions they would like to complete for each exercise. The app also has an option to use a timer. 

4. Memorado  

Memorado Brain Training Games is a set of games that helps your skills stay sharp and improve over time. The games are a great way to keep your memory sharp and improve your overall intelligence. The games are easy to use, and the design is simple and easy. The games have a list of exercises that improve your memory and cognitive ability. These games have helped me with my memory. The games are easy to use, are a great supplement to studying, and have helped me retain more information.

5. Elevate 

Elevate is a casual game that lets you play fun puzzles to keep your brain guessing. It's like a game of concentration, as the puzzles get more and more challenging. There are four modes to play: two puzzle modes, one task mode, and one teaser mode. The puzzle modes allow you to choose a two-minute, three-minute, or five-minute puzzle. The task model has you completing a set of tasks in the allotted time. The teaser mode has you solving riddles as fast as you can. This game is a lot of fun and helps me keep my brain sharp!


Brain-exercising games are essential to help retain good brain health and aid in mental development. They improve your memory, problem-solving skills, and cognitive abilities. At least three or four times a week, you should play brain-exercising games to boost your cognitive power.

Brain exercise games involve doing puzzles 6of any kind. Puzzles stimulate your brain because they require you to think about solutions. Brain exercising games also include learning a new language or studying math, which are both mentally stimulating activities.


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