Embarking on a New Adventure: Top 5 Alternatives to Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Benjamin Thomas


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When Cuphead, a beloved run-and-gun indie game developed by StudioMDHR, announced its upcoming DLC "The Delicious Last Course", fans around the world were filled with anticipation. Unfortunately, the release date for this much-anticipated upgrade has been set back multiple times and while we're all excitedly waiting for Cuphead's next adventures, there's no better time to fill the void by exploring some other excellent games. Therefore, we've compiled a list of top 5 alternative games that offer similar thrills and challenges.

1. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight game

Hollow Knight, developed and published by Team Cherry, is a 2D metroidvania action-adventure game renowned for its challenging gameplay, beautifully hand-drawn dark aesthetics, and robust storyline.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

In Hollow Knight, players control a silent knight armed with a nail, exploring the expansive underworld city of Hallownest. This game heavily focuses on exploration and combat, with various enemies and bosses challenging players in each new area. The knight gains new abilities throughout the story, enabling access to previously inaccessible paths. The underlying story is dark, slowly revealed through encounters with NPCs and lore scattered throughout the game world. The knight is drawn to Hallownest by a mysterious infection that has befallen on its inhabitants. As the story unfolds, the knight's purpose and the source of the infection become clear.

2. Celeste

Celeste game

Celeste, developed by Matt Makes Games, is an award-winning platformer game that pairs precise, demanding mechanics with an emotionally charged narrative.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

In Celeste, players control a young woman named Madeline on her perilous journey to climb the titular Celeste Mountain. The game is famous for its tough yet fair platforming gameplay and its use of the climb as a metaphor for personal struggle and mental health. The mountain holds many secrets, treacherous obstacles, and optional collectibles, all nestled within beautifully pixelated landscapes. The gameplay revolves around overcoming these obstacles through jumping, climbing, and air-dashing, which involves rigorous timing and precision.

3. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight game

Developed by Yacht Club Games, Shovel Knight is a tribute to retro 8-bit platformers, providing players with a nostalgic yet fresh gameplay experience that's hard to put down.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

Shovel Knight follows the titular character's story in a quest to rescue his beloved partner, Shield Knight, while defeating the evil Enchantress and her Order of No Quarter. Players wield the Shovel Blade in this lovingly crafted 2D world, with gameplay revolving around action, platforming, and treasure hunting. It also features an upgrade system, allowing players to use treasure collected throughout their journey to enhance their gear and abilities. Diverse-level designs, memorable boss battles, and engaging stories make this game a true gem in the modern gaming scene.

4. Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest logo

Ori and the Blind Forest, developed by Moon Studios, is an emotionally gripping, visually stunning and mechanically satisfying action-platformer game that has captured the hearts of many.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

In Ori and the Blind Forest, players control Ori, a white guardian spirit, and Sein, the light and eyes of the Forest's Spirit Tree. They explore areas filled with puzzles, platforming sequences, and enemies. The game features an upgrade system and a unique feature called "Soul Links", allowing players to save the game with limited resources. The story is a powerful journey of self-discovery and resilience against adversity. Set in the beautiful yet decaying forest of Nibel, the game embarks Ori on a quest to restore life back to the forest after a catastrophic event.

5. Dead Cells

Dead Cells logo

The cornerstone of the "RogueVania" genre, Dead Cells, developed by Motion Twin, merges the best elements of Metroidvania-style platformers and rogue-like games.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

Dead Cells puts players in control of a mass of cells that occupy a corpse in a dungeon, fighting their way out through procedurally-generated levels. On death, which is quite frequent and part of the game's learning curve, the player loses all progress and starts anew, emphasizing the game's rogue-like nature.

The dark, pixel-style art and gothic setting make the battles more intense. Players can discover various weapons, spells, and upgrades along their journey, leading to dynamic and exhilarating combat experiences. The game doesn’t feature a straightforward narrative, with most of the lore being interpreted through environmental storytelling and the occasional NPC dialogue.

These games offer a unique perspective on the classic action-adventure and platformer genres, providing engaging gameplay, beautifully crafted worlds, and immersive stories, just like Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course promises. So, until its release, why not dive into one of these captivating adventures? You might find just the thrill you've been craving.


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