5 Best Games About Cars

Benjamin Thomas


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One of the best ways to learn about a car is to play a video game about it. These games can be a great way to practice the skills needed to drive a car, as well as develop an appreciation for the mechanics and history of cars.

1. Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is a racing game that features over 350 cars. Standard races, as well as drift challenges, time trials, and speed traps, make up the various modes of gameplay. The environment is a large open world, with a variety of different terrains, from beaches to the Outback.

2. Need for Speed

This is a driving game with a focus on street racing. The player takes control of a variety of different cars, from muscle cars to sports cars, muscle cars, and more. Races, police pursuits, and other challenges make up the gameplay.

3. Dirt 4

This is a driving game focused on off-road events. Controlling a variety of vehicles, from Buggy vehicles to Rally vehicles to trucks, the player races against other drivers or simply tests their skill against the terrain.

4. Split Second

This is a racing game that has a focus on speed and destruction. The player takes on the role of a driver, and races against other drivers on a variety of tracks. A variety of weapons and power-ups allow the player to sabotage other racers and make the track less navigable.

5. Shift 2

This racing game features a variety of cars, from muscle cars to sports cars, to SUVs. Standard races are the primary mode of gameplay, with time trials, drift challenges, and other modes available. The game takes place on multiple different tracks, with the environment changing as the player progresses.


There are many different types of racing video games available. Whether the player is interested in drifting, off-roading, or street racing, there are many options available. Forza Horizon 3 is a great game for those who want to experience the world of official racing, while Dirt 4 is great for those who enjoy off-road racing.



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