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Welcome to a shared web log put together by residents of the Verde Valley of Arizona. This includes the communites of Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Cornville, Jerome ,and Camp Verde.



I just discovered THE SANDBOX. Methinks it is best that I don't try to describe it to you. Just log on to and scroll through a few log entries. You will then truly have entered the 21st century. ****** Neil Krause


Perhaps you are an Earth Elder living in the Verde Valley Land of AZ, and you want to post a few of your hard won insights on a weBLOG - you can do it by gOLLY!

Why do It? My answer: To know and allow "ithers" to know "oursels" is a good thing, methinks. It helps build community, maybe.

Email your postings to me at I will assume the prerogatives and responsibility of editing. ** Transparency is expected; that is your posted piece will include your name. ** 9/16/06 Nck (Neil Curtis Krause)


Subtitle: THE SINS OF COMMISSION AND THE SINS OF OMISSION. Sin is defined here as separation from ourselves, or others, or the ground of our being (the Big Other). The action arena is planet Earth. Sins of commission are the result of acting w/o knowing. Sins of omission are the result of knowing w/o acting. Methinks that when I am blessed with an excess of certitude I am more apt to commit a sin of commission; and when I cultivate an attitude of detachment I am more apt to commit a sin of omission. **** I also believe that when I die I'll sin no more. *** 8/25/07 Nck


Words off the net: "Aloneness is the nature of Man, of the Being, from birth, and even before birth. Throughout your life, when you live, grow and die in society, you are always alone. That is reality." *** Hmmm, the subject interests me, so I'll try on the words. Here goes: Aloneness is my nature, from birth, and even before birth. Thoughout my life, as I live, grow and die in society, I am always alone. That is reality. Eeeyup, those words fit me. I tried them on Ana - she said they didn't fit her. How can I be alone while I am surrounded by people and things? Hmmm, I saw her point; words mean different things to different people. So how about: Uniqueness is my nature . . I am always unique. Will that fit? OK, f