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Welcome to a shared web log put together by residents of the Verde Valley of Arizona. This includes the communites of Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Cornville, Jerome ,and Camp Verde.



I just discovered THE SANDBOX. Methinks it is best that I don't try to describe it to you. Just log on to and scroll through a few log entries. You will then truly have entered the 21st century. ****** Neil Krause


Perhaps you are an Earth Elder living in the Verde Valley Land of AZ, and you want to post a few of your hard won insights on a weBLOG - you can do it by gOLLY!

Why do It? My answer: To know and allow "ithers" to know "oursels" is a good thing, methinks. It helps build community, maybe.

Email your postings to me at I will assume the prerogatives and responsibility of editing. ** Transparency is expected; that is your posted piece will include your name. ** 9/16/06 Nck (Neil Curtis Krause)


Subtitle: THE SINS OF COMMISSION AND THE SINS OF OMISSION. Sin is defined here as separation from ourselves, or others, or the ground of our being (the Big Other). The action arena is planet Earth. Sins of commission are the result of acting w/o knowing. Sins of omission are the result of knowing w/o acting. Methinks that when I am blessed with an excess of certitude I am more apt to commit a sin of commission; and when I cultivate an attitude of detachment I am more apt to commit a sin of omission. **** I also believe that when I die I'll sin no more. *** 8/25/07 Nck


Words off the net: "Aloneness is the nature of Man, of the Being, from birth, and even before birth. Throughout your life, when you live, grow and die in society, you are always alone. That is reality." *** Hmmm, the subject interests me, so I'll try on the words. Here goes: Aloneness is my nature, from birth, and even before birth. Thoughout my life, as I live, grow and die in society, I am always alone. That is reality. Eeeyup, those words fit me. I tried them on Ana - she said they didn't fit her. How can I be alone while I am surrounded by people and things? Hmmm, I saw her point; words mean different things to different people. So how about: Uniqueness is my nature . . I am always unique. Will that fit? OK, fine, but I still prefer "alone," like alone in a crowd. The two page net piece concluded with these words: "Look inward so that you will grow from ego to Self, from personality to individuality, from depression to expression, from loneliness to aloneness, from pain to bliss. When you welcome and enter loneliness withou resisting, you achieve nithya ananda." *** Oh, oh, this looks like some India guy's words. Sure enough, they were from a discourse delivered in the USA by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Now I'll look up the meaning of nithya ananda. Ain't the net wonderful. ** 8/30/07 Nck

Orders from the MARCH HARE

On orders from the MARCH HARE definitions of key words used in previous piece are in order. Here they are: ** Ego - the self as distinct from the world of other selves. ** the big SELF - Oneness. "What I experienced during that three-day trip home was nothing short of an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness. I actually felt what has been described as an ecstasy of unity. It occurred to me that the molecules of my body and the molecules of the spacecraft itself were manufactured long ago in the furnaces of one of the ancient stars that burned in the heavens about me. And there was the sense that our presence as space travelers, and the existence of the universe itself, was not accidental but that there was an intelligent process at work. I perceived the universe as in some way conscious. The thought was so large it seemed at the time inexpressible, and to a large degree it still is." - Edgar Mitchell, lunar astronaut. ** Personality - roles that the ego/self acquires through societal relationships. ** Individuality - the true nature of the ego/self apart from societal relationships. ** Loneliness - feeling dejected by the awareness of being without companions. ** Aloneness - being apart from others without feeling unhappiness. ** Pain - suffering or distress. ** Bliss - extreme happiness, joy. ** Nithya ananda - eternal bliss. "Then you should say what you mean," the March Hare went on. ** "I do," Alice harshly replied, "At least - - at least I mean what I say - - that's the same thing, you know." ** "Not the same thing a bit!" said the Hatter. (And on and on it went. That's the way it is with words, you know.) *** 8/31/07 Nck


www.soundsintheair.nck: Yesterday I heard a speaker say, "Which of us, and I mean weeach of us, - - - - - - - - ." I don't now remember the " - - - - - - - - " part, but the "which/weeach" sounds linger with me. Hmmm, 'which witch are weeach?' Or, 'weeach are which witch?' ** Wichita stands in Kansas, but Wichita Falls in Texas. Words fill the mind of Man; they are man. Nicht wahr? ** Speak for yourself Nck. Ganz gewiss. Du auch. ****** 9/7/07 Nck *** www.soundsinmyear.nck


A VIEW FROM AFAR: (1) Nck has posted yet another piece on his blog --> he needs something to do. (2)Our politicians are running, running, running --> they need something to do. (3)We preachers are preaching, preaching, preaching --> we need something to do. (4)Ballplayers and we fans are playing/watching yet another tournament, another season, another championship --> we need something to do. (5)We consumers are purchasing yet another product, another service, another entertainment --> we need something to do. (6)We investors are scheming to accumulate yet another asset, another dollar, another insurance --> we need something to do. (7)We writers/readers are writing/reading yet another essay, another book, another article --> we need something to do. (8)Manufacturers are creating yet another car, another toy, another thing-a-ma-jig --> they need something to do. (9)Artists are creating yet another painting, another sculptor, another photograph --> they need something to do. (10)Musicians are writng yet another song, another tune, another opus --> they need something to do. (11)We warriors are fighting, fighting, fighting --> we need something to do. (12)Scientists are theorizing, researching, searching for more and more knowledge --> they need something to do. (13)We tourists are off on yet another trip, another visit, another adventure --> we need something to do. (14)We, the people, are marrying, breeding, and raising more and more children --> we need something to do. ** All together now - WE ALL NEED SOMETHING TO DO. (Note this piece was "off the cuff." It was inspired by comments from three of my readers - thank you, a writer needs inspiration. It is a work in progress; I plan to edit it. Additions and editing suggestions will be considered - permission to include your name on your suggestions will be assumed.) ** 9/7/07 Nck


Am I happy? I think not; I do watch TV you know. For me this fascinating information age is not a bearer of glad tidings. **** A more accurate adjective for my state of being throughout my life is melancholy - and now I am also gabby. Here are a few borrowed words which I am currently interviewing for my own pensive optimism. From Alexander Pope: 'All discord is harmony not understood; all partial evil is universal good. In erring reason's spite, one truth is clear: whatever is, is right.' And now from my friend RGW: 'I believe that after I die will be like before I was born,' i.e. there really is an exit to a peace beyond all understanding. **** Don't worry, be happy. **** 9/9/07 Nck


This is another on-the-scene report of "What's it all about?" here on planet earth. These reports continue to be one observer's opinion - my opinion. Question #1: Am I WISE or OTHERWISE? To begin, methinks definitions are in order. (1) Wise - Having wisdom or discernment for what is true, right, or lasting, sagacious. (2) Otherwise - In another way, differently. Long and hard I've pondered the thoughts and behavior of myself and 'ithers.' Wisdom eludes me. Stupidity abounds. War is stupid. People who disagree with each other while claiming an excessive amount of certainty are stupid. Am I certain of this? Yes, but not excessively so:). Alexander Pope's words may or may not pass the wisdom test but they do offer me some peace: "In erring reason's spite, whatever is, is right." Wow! Declare victory and go home - wisdom by definition. **** However after 77 years on planet earth, I still don't know "What's it all about?". It now occurs to me that I have been asking the wrong question. Methinks this question will always remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma. The right question is "What do I want it to be all about?". My answer is that I don't know; I'll think about it. My feeling is - wow! Creation is an awesome responsibility, especially when I have to live with it. ******* Nck 10/6/07

Alfie, I think I've got it!

What it's all about is that I/we are here to decide what I/we would like it to be all about; and as I/we decide/do - that's what it's all about. Methinks that this on-going, never-ending creative process is the way it has been, is now, and always will be. The power of positive thinking competes with the power of negative thinking. Be aware. Think about it. Here are a few OBSTACLES TO CREATIVE THOUGHT which I found on the net: Staying in our box; Not challengilng existing paradigms; Not challenging assumptions; Fear of being wrong; Early childhood and school education; The search for the 'right' answer; Focusing on logical thought; Judging ideas before they are formed; Psychological inertia. ***** As ye think, so shall ye be. ****** Nck 10/8/07


What's it all about? What would I LIKE it to be all about? ** This is what I would like it to be all about: Each living life form and all other things are sparks of the one and only supreme, benign, eternal consciousness. Each spark has a unique experience of existence. MADFreedom prevails. This means that despite preconditioning and conditions external to itself, each spark has some freedom to choose the meaning of its existence; each spark has some freedom to choose ways to mitigate its aloneness; each spark has some freedom to choose how it experiences death and regeneration. *** Matter, energy, and consciousness are neither created nor destroyed - however they do change form. Thus it is new forms of matter, energy and consciousness that are created, and each spark of consciousness is a co-creator of its own experience. This is what I would like it to be all about. The details of the above mentioned choices are constantly evolving. *** Furthermore, I reserve the right to revise and extend what I would like it to be all about. *** [No really, what's it all about Alfie?] . . . I believe in love - Alfie. *** Nck 11/15/07


The plaque above my desk is inscribed with the saying, "Happiness is found along the way and not at the end of the road." Hmmm, maybe misery is also found along the way and not at the end of the road. *** Perhaps everything is found along the way and not at the end of the road because the road doesn't end. Can this be so? . . . Maybe. *** Nck 12/7/07

P.S. My Luxembourg editor contributed this translation: Das Glueck muss entlang der Strasse gefunden werden, nicht am Endes des Wegs.


Subtitle: THE PURPOSE OF A GOOD FAITH. I am addicted to pondering my existence, my beliefs, and my faith - so here I go again. A definition: a good faith - a confident belief that although it cannot be "proven" by reason, it never-the-less does not contradict reason.

I have faith that the universe is a manifestation of an evolving, supreme, benign mystery. This faith allows me to feel secure, sane, and happy. More definitions: secure - free from fear; sane - mentally healthy; happy - able to enjoy being part of this awesome universe. Any faith that allows me/you to feel secure, sane, and happy is a good faith, methinks. *** Nck 12/28/07 *** P.S. I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.


If it were up to me there would be no tree. And why is that? Well, it's because I don't know how to make a tree. you see. I don't know how to make a lot of things like the paper I'm writing on, the pen I'm writing with, the chair I'm sitting on, the lamp and glasses that enable me to see. Creatures like me - at least I think they are like me - make these things and all kinds of other things like cars, TVs, CDs, DVDs; the list is very long. I use these things but I don't know how to make them. Also, I personally don't know how they work. Experts, who are creatures like me, provide explanations.

Then there is this body I call my own; I use it but I personally don't know how it works. Experts, who are creatures like me, provide explanations. And who is this user who is caught like a deer in the headlights of an inquisition? Hmmm, I just am, I think. But I don't know how I think or who it is that's doing the thinking. Experts, who are creatures like me, provide explanations. *** Nck 2/7/08


WHEE! * War - Health - Economy - Environment! * It's campaign time in America! * Vote for me 'cuz I have the best War plan, the best Health plan, the best Economy plan, the best Environment plan. *** The political Sirens are here, and they all say "We have much to fear."

Organized community --> governments, and one of the functions of governments is to help alleviate fear. Alleviate but not eliminate, 'cuz "Fear is an emotion indispensable to survival." - Hannah Arendt.

And that's the way it is here on planet Earth. ** Can you imagine how we could all live here w/o fear? *** Nck 2/22/08


Picture an elderly couple seated in rocking chairs on their front porch. (Do people still have front porches? Do they still have rocking chairs?) The old man answers his wife's question, "No, I don't want to live forever, but I damn sure don't want to be dead forever, either!" *** My personal preference is that I would rather be dead forever than forever alive. ** In the words of my friend, the Old Man of the Mountain, "Being dead will be like before I was born." *** Do I have a choice? Does anyone have a choice?"

Hmmm, well methinks since the reality of such choices is accompanied by "maybe," and since life as I know it is a state of mind, why not allow myself a third choice? * And the third choice is: Alternate between life and death. * The old man in the rocking chair can have it both ways after all. *** Nck 2/26/08


"The party's over my friend.." Nyet, nyet, not yet! - But soon, maybe. And when 'soon' arrives, I'll say, "I always knew it would end this way, but I didn't know yesterday that it would be today." ***** So what is it like here on planet Earth when an actor, such as myself, reaches 'Old Age: the crown of life, our play's last act?' Well, I have lots of time to think to think about my Final Exit, and I do think about it. Now, as a reporter at large here on planet Earth, I am filing this report: 'cuz that's what reporters do.

I spend lots of time noting what I will be leaving behind, assuming that exits really are final: (1) the mystery of how I got a role in this play, (2) the mystery and beauty of the awesome stage settings for my life's play, (3) my mysterious fellow actors, (4) not knowing for sure whether the play was an 'Improv.' or scripted by some mysterious playwright, (5) the question, 'Who am I?', (6) wars & rumors of wars, and other than that, 'no regrets.'

Gleaned from the net: Godot can be understood as one of the many things in life that people wait for. WAITING FOR GODOT is part of the Theater of the Absurd; 'nuff said. ****** NiCK 4/26/08


EGO defined: (1) the self, especially as distinct from the world, and other selves. ****** My ego is my perceptions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions. My ego & body are unique; your ego & body are unique; by this I mean that my and your egos are unlike, This unlikeness is also true of our fellow humans; uniqueness is ubiquitous My ego is formed by my choices, conditioning and determinism. Ergo, I can change my ego by choice and conditioning. (One of my readers suggested that I ponder this assertion: "Our actions are our only true possessions.")

And who is this "I" that speaks of "my" ego? I am me - a perceiving, feeling, thinking, believing and acting bodily being. This is the essential being-ness called "me/I/my" as long as I live. In this way, methinks, you and I are alike; we are not distinct from other selves. This likeness lasts as long as we are alive. Methinks afterlife is speculation, and I also think it is reasonable to make "feel good" speculations - as Matty would say, why not?

In search of certainty, Rene Descartes began with the famous dictum: "I think, therefore I am." On page 55 of his book THE NEW EARTH, Eckhart Tolle quotes Jean-Paul Sartre's counterpoint: "The consciousness that says 'I am' is not the consciousness that thinks." Tolle goes on to assert that Sartre meant: "When you are aware that you are thinking, that awareness is not part of thinking. It is a different awareness." Tolle also asserts that "If there were nothing but thought in you, you wouldn't even know you are thinking." **** Methinks that Sartre and Tolle are making thoughtful assertions which, at the present time, are not meaningful to me. ***** NiCK 5/14/08


"Will it matter that I was?" she asked. Hmmm, methinks it depends on the definition of matters. ***** The American Heritage Dictionay: matter - 11b. v. To be of importance. *** Whether or not it matters, she was.

"Does it matter that I am?" I ask. *** Whether or not it matters, I am.

Does matter matter? Hmmm, methinks that's another matter.

In memory of Sophia 8/9/07 **** NiCK 7/13/08


Methinks that thought is at best the finger that points to the truth, but it is not the absolute truth.

O ye truth seekers, you can't get there from here. Try a different way; pray. Prayer of a different kind - prayer with a silent mind. Om.

"The finger that points to the moon is not the moon." *** E.T. et al. thru NiCK 7/20/08


This is another PC on-the-scene report from planet Earth: I have discovered that being a gainfully unemployed elder here at 'Hawg Heaven' in Cornville, AZ is not w/o problems. Ho hum, another g.d. beautiful day; what to do? I should walk - I should pull the weeds in my rock lawn; ugh - I should only eat when I am really hungry - I should think of something that I really want to do - . . Hmmm, that's what I'll do - I'll lie down and think about it . . . again.

So I'm thinking: . . . . . . Every moment is a crossroad in my life at which I either consciously choose my thoughts and possible actions {I would like to fly like a bird, but . . .} or I rely on my conditioning to make choices. *** Aha, methinks I see adages appearing: *** Not deciding is a decision. *** Not choosing is a choice. *** I make choices whether or not I choose to make a choice.

Would I rather cede my power {and responsibility} to choose to some 'ither?' Not at this time, but I'll think about it . . . maybe. ***** NiCK 7/25/08


It's been said before but I'll say it again, I'm my own Grandpa. It sounds funny I know but it really is so, I'm my own Grandpa.

Grandpa Wisdom: The doors swing in and the doors swing out - some pass in and others pass out.

Love always, Your eggsistentialist Grandpa NiCK **** 7/26/08 On a slow day at 'Hawg Heaven' in Cornville, AZ


I think, ergo I am, but . . . .

'Hello darkness my old friend, I come to be with you again.' My favorite part of the day, without a doubt, is when darkness comes and 'I lay me down to sleep and trust the Lord my soul to keep.'

Without a doubt, when I think, I am, but . . . when I sleep, I'm not. I'm a child of the light who finds peace in the night. 'Hello darkness my old friend, I come to be with you again.'

zzzzzzzzz NiCK 10 p.m. 8/3/08 - I sleep, ergo I was.

Amusing Musings?

Musings re Mousers and Musers: (1) The cat with the "o" knows its prey. (2) The Cat w/o the "o" prays to know. ** And that's how it is with us cats and Cats. ****** The Cat called NiCK 8/10/08

Overheard Cat-talk: "Do it myself? No way. I'm not a Mouser, I'm a pedigreed Cat! So here's $5 . . . "


NOW & THEN Rockin' on Planet Earth: I'm 'gonna rock around the clock tonight, gonna rock, rock, rock, till the broad daylight' - but only in my dreams - or my Amish glide rocker: THIS IS NOW; I'm 78 and counting.

Ana tells me that at the age of 13 she stood in line to redeem a Pepsi bottle cap for a discount on Bill Haley's record, Rock Around The Clock. She says that she was a jitterbugging rocker. - THAT WAS THEN, A PAST NOW.

And the beat goes on - FOR NOW. Methinks that future nows are a present to be opened when we get there. Will we still be rockin'? Hmmm . . . maybe. ***** TILL THEN, NiCk 8/16/08

My other Old Friend

Ho hum, it's THAT TIME again - another beautiful day in Hawg Heaven.

Hello NOWNESS my old friend, it seems I'm stuck with you again. Every waking hour you appear, to hang with me so near. And my words like quiet raindrops fall . . . and echo . . . . in the silence of my blog.

And so it is - NiCK 8/17/08


"Why can't a woman be like a man? Why can't a woman be like ME?" exclaimed Poor Professor Higgins (or was it 'iggins?).

World View Seminar 2008, facilitated by NiCK (that's me) is scheduled for Wednesdays Sep 3 - Oct 8, 10:45 to 12:15 at Verde Valley OLLI. Will anyone be open enough to show up? . . . . Maybe.

The premise of the seminar is that our core beliefs are the prism through which we view the world. The research will be: What are they? How did we acquire them? How attached are we to them? Details are expected.

If our world views are different (Methinks that's a slam dunk.), can we still be respected neighbors? Hmmm, . . . . maybe. * * * * Why can't 'ithers' be like ME? ******* NiCK 8/21/08


POLITICAL CERTAINTY (aka The Human Comedy)

I've noticed that the more CERTAIN I am of my opinion, the more difficult it is for me to respect the opinions of others who disagree.

On the other hand it also seems that the more UNCERTAIN I am of my opinion, the more difficult it is for me to respect the opinions of others who disagree.

How goes it with YOU? ***** NiCK 8/25/08



I disrespectfully disagree with you choice for VP because it fails to adequately take into account the possibility that you might actually get elected (Perhaps you have more faith in the American electorate than I do.) **** As always, I reserve the right to change my opinion. **** NiCK 8/30/08

So what? Who cares? Whatever happens is all part of The Human Comedy and it only matters to me or thee if I or you are attached to the idea that the show must go on. Can I or you choose not to be so attached to this idea? Hmmm . . . . maybe; but it ain't easy.

I'm an ET

. . . So, am I an Extra-Terrestrial? . . . Hmmm, well maybe, but for sure I'm a being who spends all of his waking hours eating and thinking - ergo I'm an Eater-Thinker. **** And you? Are you an ET too? . . . Methinks that you are, nicht wahr? ***** NiCK 9/6/08

Mr. Eastman & me

The last words of Mr. George Eastman, the Kodak king, were "My work is finished, why wait?" He died by his own hand in 1932. He was 77 years old. (See my blog pieces WHY WAIT? part one, and WHY WAIT? part two, at my Earth Elder link.)

I'm now 78 years old. Methinks that I may be teaching my last OLLI class {Old teachers never die, they just lose their class.} Yet I feel my work is not finished, and ergo I best wait - if I can.

And what specifically is this work of mine which is not finished? Well, I'm re-reading my blog pieces cited above which seem like a good start, but that was then, this is now. I need more details. So I'm going to think about it and I'll get back to you . . . maybe. ***** NiCk 9/12/08

NiCK's B&B

Well I thought about it and I still feel my work is not finished. I've been trying to be more specific in describing my unfinished work, however the best I can come up with so far is that the purpose of my life {Body & Brain} is to experience it. So I decided to review my daily experience schedule for the record. Read on.

10 p.m.-7 a.m.: Sleep *** 7 a.m.-12 Noon: Eat, talk, TV, internet, ponder, misc. *** 12 Noon-7 p.m.: Eat, talk, nap, TV, internet, ponder, misc. *** 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Eat, talk, TV, ponder, misc. *** [misc.: hunt & gather @ food markets, dine out, exercise-ugh- I need more of this, crosswords & cards, blogging, Monday men's discussion group, Tuesday coffee Klatch]

Hmmm . . . methinks this schedule definitely supports my contention that I am an ET (Eater-Thinker) who is having a rather mundane experience of life and yet is still blogging about it. Does this qualify as a specific purpose? For now - for me - it does. ***** NiCK 9/12/09

NiCK's 3M's

MY MUNDANE MANIFESTO - Here is an excerpt I borrowed from Wayne Brekhus: "Abstract: This mundane manifesto calls for analytically interesting studies of the socially uninteresting. I argue that the extraordinary draws disproportionate theoretical attention from researchers. This ultimately hinders theory development and distorts our picture of social reality."

WOW! Mr. Brekhus is talking about me, I think. So it seems that by blogging about my socially uninteresting life I may be contributing to a more accurate picture of reality. [See previous piece, NiCK's B&B]

Fellow Mundanes don't unite (methinks that would anti-mundane,) but blog up! You too can contribute to a more accurate picture of social reality. We owe it to the next generation, I think. Talk about a life purpose. ***** NiCK 9/14/08

A Creation Critique

Earth and Earthlings are generally an excellent work of art, I think. Entering at birth and exiting at death allows for renewal and adaptation, i.e. change. Also, the complexity, beauty and uncertainty of it all keeps things interesting.

However, if I may be so bold . . with all due respect . . after careful pondering I would like to make a suggestion for the next time around, if there is a next time. It pertains to birth control for humans. *** Methinks that if every human birth was preceded by a conscious choice of both parents who were prepared to love and nurture the new life then there would be much more peace on earth.

How could this be done? Hmmm . . . Perhaps if humans were created so that they required a pregnancy pill in order to conceive; this would allow their support community to grant them the pill upon proper certification. ** I leave it to you to ponder the pros and cons of this suggestion.

One other minor complaint: Whatever was the purpose of men's facial hair? - it's annoying. ***** NiCK 9/14/08

Logically Speaking

The mighty internet quotes Socrates as having defiantly stated at his trial that "the unexamined life is not worth living." The jury was happy to oblige him. His statement does not imply that an examined life IS worth living; however it leaves open the possibility that it MAY BE.

Hmmm . . . 'maybe' is good enough for me; so I keep slogging on and blogging on, TRANSPARENTLY, for all to see. """"" NiCK 9/30/08

Examine my life? If not me, who? If not now, when? *** To blog or not to blog, THAT IS THE QUESTION.

Be Wise, Guys

As for the mystery of life, why ask why? Hmmm, . . . WHY NOT? Because "there is no rational way to convince ourselves that life is meaningless (or meaningul, for that matter). Attack our life-illusions as we may, we will only be convinced if deep within ourselves we already sense our futility and emptiness." (or our faith that all is well) . . . . Oh. OK.

From Existential Meaninglessness: Collapse of Ilusions by James Parker as (amended) by NiCK the Whys Guy 10/3/08

WARNING to Existential Wisdom Seekers: This blog is pointless, absurd, senseless, fruitless, useless, inane, irrelevant, silly, meaningless, stupid and of no use at all. YOU ARE ADVISED NOT TO READ IT. * nIck

Going Deep

I'm still pondering the "Be Wise, Guys" assertion that there is no rational way to convince ourselves of the meaninglessness of life, but that we will only be convinced if deep within ourselves we already sense our futility and emptiness.

Methinks that I'm comfortable pondering the rational way, but I'm not at all clear what it means to sense deep within my self. Whether I'm sensing and/or following the rational way my preliminary conclusion is that deep within my self is a sense of futility and emptiness AND a faith that all is well. A K.I.S.S. SUMMARY MIGHT BE THAT LIFE IS INDEED MEANINGLESS, BUT SO WHAT?

I'll probably keep on pondering and sensing and blogging because everybody needs something to do - preferably something they enjoy doing. I blog for the record and the occasional feedback. **** Danke; I'm much obliged. * NiCK 10/4/08


(1) Why do we strive to survive? . . . (2) Because. . . (3) Because why? . . . (4) Because we just do; don't ask why; it's a foolish question. Eat your dinner. . . (5) Oh. . . OK. . . . (6) Why don't you ask yourself: Why NOT strive to survive? . . . (7) Ok, I'll ask.

NiCK the ODD Guy talking with his EVEN Alter Ego. 10/6/08

It's that time, maybe.

It's been said that the time to sell is when you have a customer.

Hmmm, . . . maybe the time to live is now, when I'm having the time-of-my-life.

Methinks I'll take my time since I have all the time there is.

And I know that this too will pass.

movingon.nick 10/6/08


Daddy, You know that you can find the "meaninglessnes of life" pondered in great detail in Ecclesiastes; in fact that is what the whole book of Ecclesiastes is about. Look it up if you are actually interested in the subject:) ***Love you, Laura

I didn't know - but then there are a lot of things I don't know and I'm blogging to learn. So I took Laura's advice and looked it up. I read all 12 chapters, thrice. I agree with Laura that "meaninglessness" is indeed very deeply pondered in Ecclesiastes. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know the meaning of existential meaninglessness.

Of course Solomon, much like you and I, searches for MEANING in the midst of the meaninglessness of life. And much like you and I, he finds it - maybe.

Thank you Laura. *** Love always, Daddy NiCK 10/9/08

My World View

MY WORLD VIEW SEMINAR REPORT {Five 'ithers' participated.}: Like the 'ithers' I had my own World View, i.e. a framework of beliefs through which I interpret the world and interact in it. Within this framework are my two core beliefs. (1) MADFreedom prevails. By this I mean that I must create meaning in the midst of Meaninglessness - see Ecclesiastes, that I am Alone i.e. my life experience is unique, that the history of my life will include Death, and that I have some Freedom in how I deal with this MADness. (2) I am surrounded by uncertainty. By this I mean that the inside kernel of all I know can be summed up in one word, i.e. "maybe." ***** Journeyman NiCK 10/11/08

Days of Grace

After 78 years three months and 12 days on planet Earth I still don't know who I am or what is going on here . . . however, I DO know that I am and that SOMETHING is definitely going on here.

To me this is all amazing; and I'm continually amazed that there is so much to be amazed about. ***** An Amazed NiCK 10/17/08

Moving On . . . To Oregon

Moving On and Letting Go - Methinks it's that time for me, and I aim to do it gradually, I said to myself, "Think it over and be sure." Well, I did think about it a lot because I'm a ponder addict.

I'm moving on but before I go I want to simplify, simplify, simplify. "Hawg Heaven" here in Cornville has been great; I'll remember it but not miss it.

So mein Haus is for sale - lots of furniture is for sale - books are for sale. And when it's all sold Ana and I are heading for Eugene - eeeyup, Oregon that is. We found a 600 sq.ft. hole-in-the-wall that's calling us. My mood is well expressed in a R.L.S. poem, FAREWELL TO THE FARM.

To house and garden field and lawn, The meadow-gates we swang upon, To pump and stable, tree and swing, Good-by, good-bye to everything! *** And fare you well for evermore, O ladder at the hayloft door, O hayloft where the cobwebs cling, Good-bye, good-bye to everything. ****** Maybe:-), NiCK 10/26/08

Waiting for Godot 2

My Godot has moved on to Oregon - - - Eugene, that is. And while I wait to move there too, I continually run my tape(s) ala CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. *** Methinks (I am a thinker you know), I'll call my tapes WIMS 'cuz I like acronyms. These WIMS are a review and preview of my life here on planet Earth in which I think of what Was, what Is, what Might have been, and what Soon might be.

Hmmm, there were/are a lot of forks in life's road. Choices must be made. Not choosing is a choice. What kind of chooser was/am I? What kind of chooser were/are you? ***** NiCK 12/4/08

MADFreedom's Big D

** From my perspective life here on planet Earth continues to be an awesome riddle wrapped in an enigma. I have enjoyed the puzzle, and methinks I also have had it very easy compared to many 'ithers.' ** While enjoying life I have often thought about death since I was very young. Our Lutheran minister would close each annoucement of death in the congregation with the phrase 'teach us all to number our days.' I've been numbering my days ever since then. When I gave my valedictorian address at high school graduation I concluded with this phrase from A Soldier's Prayer: 'This I pray, be at my side when death is drawing nigh, Almighty God, who also died, teach me the way that I should diel'

The Big D and me - it's an interesting subject and a 'wormhole' that I will experience sooner that most current 'ithers.' *** Do I know what is on the other side of that 'wormhole?' Nope. * Would I like to live eternally? Nope. * Would I like to return for another visit? Nope. * Do I have any choice? Maybe.

So here is my preference: I would like to leave planet Earth like I arrived, i.e. naturally and in Eugene, hopefully. ****** NiCK 12/12/08

NiCK's Time

The rain in spain falls mainly in the plaiin - and also in Eugene Oregon which is my new stomping ground. **** * I am also expanding and expounding on another blog site - a site on which I can include pictures, change fonts, and all that good stuff. The new site and all three of my CommunityConnexion sites are linked together for convenience. Click on InTheTimeOfNick which is the third link from the top. **** Ciao, NiCK 3/29/09

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