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Procedure for Ministerial Ordination

Following are the steps required by the Rock Foundation for your Ministerial Ordination, to perform weddings, hand fasting, ceremonies, rituals, hands on healing, spiritual counseling, and other spiritual services. Our core belief is that every minister has the right to their individual belief as the pathway to inclusively of diversity of belief. We support interfaith, multi-cultural, and a more Wholistic approach to spirituality.

1. Provide one or more letters of recommendation from personal and/or professional acquaintances who would be comfortable with their letter being published on our web page.

2. Provide your background report, credentials, education, etc. to assist readers in better understanding who you are.

3. Create your statement of faith: [See web-page guidelines for writing your own ministerial statement]

a. Introductory statement: "Life's passion, spiritual motivation and purpose".
b. Current spiritual position, belief, affiliations, and methods.
c. Reference oldest spiritual text, scripture, sacred books, traditions, etc. that impact your current spiritual position and establishes the deep roots of your spiritual heritage.
d. Reference education, training, workshops, books, classes, etc. that have influenced your spiritual beliefs.
e. Clearly and concisely state your calling or vision of being in service to others.
f. Include specific services: hands on healing, prayer for the sick, pastoral ministry, weddings, funerals, ceremonies, ritual, rites, training, teaching, music, song, poetry, art, and all other in service gifts to humanity.
4. Fill out the Ministerial application. *click here for application form

5. For more information feel free to contact:  


PO Box 8608
Portland, OR, 97207