On this Rock I will build my CHURCH, Matthew 16:18

Welcome to the first Church of the Internet.

Sarah Angela DuBois

We are an institution promoting spiritual growth and understanding, whose teaching are promoted on the Internet.

Our intention is to foster an international, non-denominational, multi-cultural and  sustainable spiritual community.

Home Procedure Application


 Ordained Ministers
Cyber Confessional

Board of Directors

Volunteer Director, John Poling, 503-810-8382,
Sacred Circles, Ana Carol Roland, 928-649-6025,
Director, Patricia Denninghoff, 503-472-6760,
Secretary, Donna Selby, 503-625-2614,
Finance Committee, Sally Baning, 503-239-1199,
Alternative Energy Advisor, Steve Kaplan,
Youth Advisor, Brock Poling, Cell Ph.503-453-6448,
Advisor, Bruce Mock, 971-227-9392

Contact Information;

Phone: 503-810-8382

U.S. Mail: PO Box 8608 Portland, OR, 97207


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an Oregon 501-C-3 Non Profit Organization