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Oregon City, OR
Publishers of spiritual books, audio CD's & DVD's. Radio show hosts/presenters; Spirit Mediums, Akashic Readings, Diagnostics for: Geophysical Stress; Animal Health; poltergeist & Paranormal Activity, cleansing & clearing extreme negativity.

phone 503-956-5665

Akashic Readings & Development Workshops

Exclusive Spiritual readings, personal spirit assessments given in a unique and individual dialog.

"My Akashic reading was beyond description. In learning about my unique soul nature, I felt deeply understood and recharged in my intentions. This is true therapy for the soul." Erin Donley

SO, ARE YOU READY? *To learn your souls purpose. *To become a pioneer in healing the Earth. *To develop a strategy for achievement in this lifetime. "For the seeker who is ready to live an authentic life and to give back to all existence."

Mick & Sylvie Avery in person/phone/recorded/home visits/parties and so much more& Live spiritual readings and assessments given, spirit to spirit, soul to soul!

PERSONAL AKASHIC READING/DIALOGUE SITTINGS: 50mins ~ $135.00 for 1 person. 2/4 each @ $100.00

AKASHIC PHONE READINGS: 50mins ~ $135.00 40mins ~ $100.00 30mins ~ $75.00 15mins ~ $35.00

AKASHIC PRE-RECORDED AUDIO READING: 40 mins ~ $100 + 3 questions 30 mins ~ $75.00 + 2 questions *The Akashic book holds the universal records of your souls path& an accurate relay of events, journeys, and lessons made throughout your eternal life.

* No one can read your Akashic book without your consent, and not just anyone can access this information. A very distinct vibrational alignment must be exuded for access to your records to be released.

* One of the very few deep trance mediums, Mick Avery, channels a spirit realm group called The White Cloud Group. They are evolved, enlightened minds, who work through both Mick & Sylvie, to provide information we need to heal ourselves and the planet.

* By accessing your Akashic records, you will be afforded the tremendous opportunity to dialog with White Cloud spokesperson, Gregory Haye.

Visit our web site at and also at:

* Gregory has enabled Mick & Sylvie to write many powerful books, record and video countless teachings, engage nationally via on line radio, and produce astounding transformational work in the UK&and now in the US.

DEVELOPMENTAL WORKSHOPS for spiritual awakening, unfolding your journey of harmony with your spirit. Watch for details of up and coming workshops in your area.

Check out Mick & Sylvie' live internet radio shows that air 3 times a week! Spirits Work Radio Show, Mondays at 7pm (PST) & Thurs. at 1pm (PST). With all 2007 shows to download for a small fee to

Spirit Teaching Tues .at 7pm (PST). With these shows to download free for a 10 week period from the air date at