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Shastra is a mystic, a huna practitioner and teacher of spiritual wisdom .Born in the beauty and magic of the Hawaiian Islands Shastra has dedicated three decades unraveling the mysteries of life with an unwavering focus.

The ancient Hawaiians lived their life with a beautiful blend of psychology and spirituality. Their existence was simple and reverent. Possessing a deep understanding of the mind, combined with the knowledge of the laws of nature, they were outstanding psychologists and healers. These ancient ones knew that there within all of life exists the face of God.

Something still lives there in the islands, and in the hearts of its inhabitants. It permeates the atmosphere with music, laughter, and a child-like innocence. It speaks to your senses and fills your soul. It is warm, open, loving, generous and colorful. It follows the natives wherever they go. Many who arrive in the islands feel it as soon as they get off the plane and step foot on the ground. There is this feeling of coming home.

Why is a person affected this way? What is this? Simply put, you have connected with the Spirit of Aloha. This energy is tangible, it is as real as you and I. The Spirit of Aloha, an actual Being.

When the word Aloha is heard or spoken it brings a smile to someone's face. You are immediately taken, in your mind, to a tropical experience, to the gentle surf caressing the shore on a balmy night, to a brush of the trade winds against your cheek, to the glimmer of moonlight over cresting waves. Aloha it is mystical, magical.

What is the deeper meaning of Aloha? What is its significance? "Alo" means face, presence, front. "Ha" means to breathe. The "Ha" is the breath of God. Each time Aloha is sounded the very essence of God is echoed. When you speak the word Aloha to another person you are acknowledging the God within them, and also within yourself, a recognition of the Divinity within all of life. "Aloha" , in the Presence of God!

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Dark of the Moon

New Moon THE DARK OF THE MOON FOR FEBRUARY, WHILE THE SUN IS IN AQUARIUS, New Moon BEGINS TOMORROW, SUNDAY AND COMES WITH A SOLAR ECLIPSE Aquarius It is time once again to remind you that the Dark of the Moon is upon us. On Sunday, February 3, 2008 we begin the Dark of the Moon at 7:44 pm (5:44 pm for those of you in Hawaii). The Dark of the Moon is the last three days prior to the New Moon. Believe it or not, every month we have a golden opportunity for a fresh start with the New Moon, and the perfect opportunity to clean house the three days just prior to it. This new moon also comes with a solar eclipse. Sun 2 The next full moon on February 20th comes with a lunar eclipse. Solar eclipses occur on a new moon, while the moon passes between the earth and the sun casting a shadow on the sun. Lunar eclipses occur on a full moon, while the earth passes between the sun and the moon. Eclipses are powerful and affect people personally, when their personal charts are touched, and collectively as a humanity. If you have anything in your chart between 16 - 20 degrees of Aquarius or Leo you will be personally affected by the eclipse on Wednesday. I have attached a couple of articles if you are interested in understanding eclipses better. Now back to the dark of the moon: It is wise not to initiate anything new over this three day period of the Dark of the Moon. Read on.... The next new moon is on Wednesday, February 6th at 17 degrees of Aquarius at 7:44 pm (For you in Hawaii the New Moon is at 5:44 pm) New Moons bring a fresh start, new beginnings. Put good thoughts out on the day of the new moon, for you set the stage and plant the seeds of how things will go for you between this new moon and the next one. Think of making it a day filled with gratitude. The Dark of the Moon is the last three days prior to the new moon and is one of the most ideal times to banish anything. It is a time to clean our inner and outer house on every level: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It has been said down through the ages that anything initiated, including signing contracts, during these three days will fail to come to fruition. It is suggested not to initiate anything new then from 7:44 pm on Sunday, February 3rd through 7:44 pm on Wednesday, February 6th. What we have here is one of the natural cycles of our Mother Earth, which has occurred since time immemorial regardless of whether we are aware it is occurring or not. In honoring these cycles we honor The Divine Feminine, which is the rising force on the planet at this time in our evolution. To be in the natural rhythm and flow with our Mother means to be in tune and in step with the dance of all life. For those of you who have been given the tool The Letter to the Lords of Karma this is an ideal time to write it, yet please understand that you MAY WRITE A LETTER AT ANY TIME AND ARE ENCOURAGED TO DO SO. WRITE THEM AS OFTEN AS YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO. Do not wait for the Dark of the Moon if you have important issues up in front of you. For those of you who have not used this ancient ritual and powerful tool and would like to please go to You will find all instructions there. If you write the letter and wish to burn it on the new moon then you would write it on Monday the 4th and then read it; read it again on Tuesday the 5th, with the final reading on the new moon, Wednesday the 6th, burning it immediately after. Hear Ye