Annie Palmer

Information on workshops, private sessions or the book "Creating Heaven on Earth ...," Annie may be reached at:

12919 NE Hwy. 99, #10-27,
Vancouver, WA 98686

(360) 335-0818 • Pager: (503) 204-0121

A transformational workshop offered by Annie Palmer, D.C.

Ms. Palmer's intuitive awareness was unlocked in 1981 when a devastating car crash left her in a ten-day coma. Months later, she started "remembering" an out-of-body journey to Heaven that took place during her comatose state.

Creating Heaven on earth requires a conscious shift ... a shift in communicating with Who We Really Are. Detailing amazing insights from guided writings that began with the 1981 experience, a manuscript is created. Based from the manuscript, Annie reveals methods for accessing communication with Reality. The workshop includes:

• Lifting individual blocks from past life experiences.

• Attracting recognition of your Divine Inner Reality.

• Using the powerful Heavenly tools, creating inner Spiritual confidence.

In Heaven, my guide Miriam (Jeshua's mother Mary) assured me that everyone in Heaven will be with me, giving support and guidance with this transitional process. Experiencing their guiding presence within the workshop, participants are involved in a Spiritual transitional healing.

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