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Telepathic Communication with Animals & Nature can open new
doorways in your life, and expand your awareness of
unconditional love, compassion and understanding.

This publication is centered on community and how this idea relates to people and our environment in a variety of ways. Community can apply to things other than people, including the millions of cells which make up our own bodies and who cooperate in incredible ways to create who we are physically, and how we function with little conscious guidance to breathe, digest and process food, and so on. We are also learning the environment in which we live in is a community of beings too. Without our interference, without our guidance, millions of beings, from microscopic nematodes on up to one thousand year old red wood trees, animals, and rivers, all cooperate in an incredible dance that allows the planet on which we all live, to survive and flourish, and provide us with the resources we use to create every single material object in our lives. They live in a "community" in which each being plays its’ part, so that the whole can function at its’ best. The sun does not ask who deserves its’ light and warmth. It is too busy just being itself, loving what it does. The microscopic bugs in the soil, that actually give life to the plants above, do not ask which ones should be blessed and which not. We have so much we can learn by following their examples of unconditional love. As most of us have read in this publication before, everything around us is alive and has energy. Many people are only beginning to acknowledge this and can only comprehend, on the surface, what this might mean. Others of us have been working in this field for a while and can share stories far beyond what your imagination might now allow.

I am an Animal Communicator by profession and I communicate telepathically with animals, nature and all life. I do not consider myself to be specially "gifted," as I teach classes to others who find they also possess these talents, which merely lay hidden under old beliefs and dogmas. I can say, without hesitation, that this work has changed me almost more than any other single event in my life. Like many of you, I have paid a lot of money to take workshops, read books, listen to tapes, in hope of finding answers to many of those deep questions I have about life and its’ meaning. What I found out is, that when I can be quiet and present with animals and plants and rocks, for instance, I can receive many of those answers, given in love, without any strings or attachments at all.

Animals are incredible beings, whether living in the wild, or domesticated as our fellow companions. They usually love us unconditionally, regardless of how we have treated them and are compassionate and understanding. Often, they know us better than we know ourselves. They are wonderful observers. Sometimes they misunderstand your intentions or desires, simply because there is no "feedback" to their questions or assumptions. Considering how much trouble people have communicating with one another, and between genders and generations, I am not surprised to find animals a little confused themselves at times! When you can come from a point of honesty and love, being really quiet and present with an animal, could change your life.

I have asked an old friend of mine, a dog names Chetwin, to share his thoughts with you about the topic of community . "I know and understand about community and how it works. Community is not an isolated idea or thought, community is what life is all about. Whether you live alone or together, each one of you is part of a community of life that exists around you, each moment you are alive, and also long after you leave your physical bodies. Everything is alive and gives off energy and cooperates in a way that allows for life, as you know it, to exist. Humans are about the only piece that quite doesn’t yet understand its’ part. The reason community exists successfully in Nature, in wildlife, between animals and plants, and even within your own bodies, is because we ‘communicate well and clearly’ between ourselves. There is constant clear communication and a balance and harmony, when left alone, rivals anything you have aspired to create yourselves. Begin to listen well and you will begin to have more success creating the communities you really desire. You have wonderful ideas and great imaginations, however, most of the time, you end up talking to yourself, because like you, the other people are not really listening. Begin to really LISTEN to each other.

LISTENING is something humans have not mastered very well. When you talk, your minds are often filled with thoughts and ideas about many things: what you are going to do next, what you have to do tonight or tomorrow, what will people think if you are honest, reactions to what the person is saying, wanting to interrupt and get your point of view in there somewhere, and on and on and on. Few people really hear what other people are really saying. I have an exercise for you to try. For one day, pretend you must repeat back to each person what they have told you. Imagine you had to say, "I just heard you say ....... do I have it right?" Try this for one day and give it your all. What happens? Can you do it? Are you afraid you won’t know what to say, or you will forget what you were going to say, if you take time to really listen? How many people do you think are really listening to you? Think about it. Are you willing to role model how you would like to be received by others?

I think being with animals helps you to come in closer contact with your feelings. You can talk to an animal and know they will not tell others your secret thoughts or desires. You can often get angry and they will forgive you. Somehow, they seem to understand. They are willing to sit on your lap while you cry out your anger, your resentment, your pain, grief, remorse, or share your joy and happiness. Somehow, they seem to understand. They are good listeners. Even if you don’t communicate well with them, you appreciate that they will listen. It is in the listening that we learn so much about you. It is in the listening, we begin to understand and have compassion for what you are going through. It is in the LISTENING that the love and understanding grows. "

Plants also have incredible things to share. The tree in my front yard shared with me its’ feelings about community. "The time has come to recognize the significance of everything in your lives. You are surrounded by nature every single moment, whether walking in a forest, or sitting at your desk at work, or in your basement at home. Everything you use, eat, wear, manufacture, had its beginning somewhere in the natural environment. Just because you changed its’ shape and form, does not mean it has become lifeless and without meaning or feelings. There have been countless stories of people ‘loving’ an old typewriter back to life, loving a house back to life and so on. These are more than mere words. In the book, "The Secret Life of Plants," scientists discovered the power of love produced results that nothing else could ever duplicate. Even a single leaf taken from a plant remained green for two months laying on a table, because a lady gave it love for a moment each day. Community, where I live, is considering everything sacred, special, and an integral part of the whole. Nothing exists without a reason to be, a part to play, something to contribute. For us, nothing occurs by chance, rather we dance in harmony and cooperation with all forms of life. For you to succeed in your desire to create a ‘community of people’, you need to have this view also. View each and every element in your lives, not just the human ones, as important and special and sacred. If it doesn’t fit anymore, love it, bless it, and let it go, asking that someone else who might need it right now, come and find it and take it into their lives. Value the places you meet, the chairs you sit in, the water you drink, the sun shine, the moon, the table, your clothes, the plants and animals and people. You are each an important part of the whole and when you can begin to appreciate this fact, the problems will fall and away and the pieces will come together, and a lasting community will be born. There is no such thing as something ‘insignificant.’

Community Connexions is about connecting with one another and forming communities, whether one, two, three hundred, or four thousand. Many people feel they are searching for answers and are making little progress. Sometimes the answers don’t lie outside, they are right there in front of us, just waiting to be discovered. One day, in a state of confusion, I talked to a few trees. Here are a few suggestions they gave me. "Let life begin to be what you are all about...listen more intently to what is being shared ...... let the sunshine more in your life ... the universe is much the same, only you (humans) see a big difference .... we are alive in different forms and shapes and sizes ...we eat in different ways, take in nutrition differently, think differently, and yet, we share everything too...our ideas and creativity and creating forms and shapes, and weather and events, and so on... when you begin to see us as similar, it is easier for you to seek help from any of us in any form, not just a spiritual guide or helper ...we all are here to help each other...remember to consult several beings and get a balanced view ... " For those interested in receiving advice from other forms of successful communities, just send me a SASE and I’ll mail you a list of books to begin you on your journey home. Feel free to call too, if you have more questions.

Morgan Jurdan
1135 Yale Bridge Rd.
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