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EarthWalk Blog by C. A. Roland
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Pahoa, HI

Carol A. Roland, M.A.

Ancient Cosmology
Author, Consultant

Life as a Sacred Circle Practice

Life as a Sacred Circle

My life seemed to have many separate paths and stages that I can now see as just part of one continual flow. Talking about this Sacred Circle of life has become my passion, my ministry. When we are able to see the Universal patterns in all lives, it is easier to understand and accept each of our own life experiences. This page is dedicated to my observations and stories about experiences (mine and others) on the EarthWalk stage of this Sacred Circle Journey.

Developmental Stages

I have read and observed that our "EarthWalk" journey has many distinct stages. Because life is a continuous flow, attempts to define a number and name to a stage is completely arbitrary and the opinion of various individuals and groups. Current psychology and education courses teach methods with six to eight stages. Many popular self help books list a variety of other numbers. Astrology is actually a form of defining 12 life stages with each sign having predominately traits of each progressive life stage. Aries is the infant stating here I am on this adventure of life. Taurus is the stage to learn about this physical vehicle and its sensory organs. Gemini learns to walk and talk through listening and observation. Cancer learns about family and home. Leo learns self creativity and peer interaction. Virgo learns individuality and self discrimination. Libra learns the concept of others and mutual communication. Scorpio learns the magic of merger and joint physical cooperation with another. Sagittarius learns communication to others to obtain consensus. Capricorn learns responsibility for self and others. Aquarius learns the power of group cooperation. Pisces learns the greater picture, beyond the realms of human reasoning. For me these stages helped to see the stages within all human processes. However, even these astrology stages did not make clear the circles within the circles - the multileveled cycles of life. It seems that we should just use or create whatever systems helps each of us to understand our own particular journey. Understanding my life has seemed a bit like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each little piece can appear interesting or just a blur. None make much sense until seen connected to more and more of the pieces. Sometimes a repetitive pattern can be seen, repeating the same issues in different times and places with different people until the lesson is finally understood. I personally believe in a continuing consciousness that steps into and co-habits the body with a physical genetic personality, rather like an actor who plays a role in many different plays. The genetic personality is the scripted character outline. The soul actor both affects the scripted physical character with its pre-existing traits and is also possibly changed by the process of acting out the scenes of each life play. I believe, like an actor, this "continued consciousness" chooses roles that will teach new traits and new understanding of all potential life experiences. This life, this EarthWalk, is just one stage, one spiral of this on-going circle process of our soul consciousness. Each major event of our current life role marks a smaller stage, a chance for continued growth with a new learning task in this process of "Circles within Circles".

Creating Conscious Environments

The Chinese term "Feng shui" (pronounced fung sway) literally means wind and water. These two terms are symbolic of the conscious mind and the unconscious or emotional mind. The shared goal of environmental psychology and Feng Shui is creating balance and harmony through a conscious awareness of the conditions in an environment which affect the unconscious emotional mind. My life is currently focused on writing, teaching and consulting using a personally created method that bridges Feng Shui and environmental psychology. I refer to this system as "Creating Conscious Environments." This is a unique environmental psychology based system for understanding the relationship between humans and their personal environments. Although similar to the Black Hat School of Chinese Feng Shui, this system provides logical explanations for the western mind using the progressive steps of human development. It does not require memorization of words and symbols that are not part of your previous experience. This unique simple process for understanding symbols in personal space was personally created through over 40 years of experience in dual careers as a psychiatric nurse counselor and interior design contractor/consultant. That combined information was supplemented with 35 years of exploring many other systems to understand human behavior, including Astrology, Medicine Wheels, and Feng Shui. I have provided personal consultations, classes, and workshops using and honing the information now presented for over ten years Environmental psychology has been an important branch of psychology in the European / American culture since the early 70s. The Chinese have practiced this art for centuries, however the information was kept secret to be used by only those Masters who had been well trained and understood the psychological correspondences. Recently in the United States and England, bits and pieces of this knowledge are being spread through books and minimally trained consultants creating a superficial approach akin to pop psychology and astrology. Some of the advice is just plain good common sense and useful to creating environments that are more esthetically pleasing and comfortable. Much of this is known by interior designers and other artists through their training in color and spatial flow. Some designers incorporate additional Feng Shui ideas into their work, but do not claim to be Feng Shui practitioners. There are very few true Feng Shui Masters in the world and their services, rightly so, tend to be far out of reach of the average US resident. Superficial, even mis-information, found in some books can lead to increased confusion and creation of environments that do not reflect the personality and style of the residents. These often do not flow in color and design theme, and create even more dis-ease. An environmental psychology or design professional can help best in creating public spaces with their knowledge of cultural subliminal messages and artistic balance. Personal spaces must be in harmony with the personalities and needs of their residents and not the taste of the consultants. Shared spaces require a search for a common shared style and color which can flow throughout a space and not clusters of uncoordinated compromises. The main issue in personal space design is the understanding that everything placed into an environment is a symbol with potential for: (1) sending new messages to the unconscious brain or (2) representing unconscious attitudes and current emotional issues already present within the inhabitants of a space. Creating environments that send subliminal messages to potential customers in a commercial space is only one branch of environmental psychology and Feng Shui. Spaces in which a person spends long periods of time have the most impact on the interchange or communication between environment and unconscious mind. These personal spaces have greater potential to show the symbols important to the unconscious mind and greater potential to be used a tool to remind the inhabitant of desired life changes. The life change will not take place just because a room has been re-arranged or color changed or a symbolic item added. In psychological therapy, changes in the life of a client would rarely be made just by the therapist defining a client's problem for them; nor would the therapist say, It will all be fixed now if you just do this simple thing. Change takes personal recognition of the deep source of an issue and commitment to do the necessary work on many levels. The environment can only assist as a symbolic reminder of the issues and goals. This method encourages the personal power and self awareness necessary for long term results.

Mystery Schools

All ancient cultures created a form of mystery school. In a small tribe the school was the shaman passing on information to his apprentice. When tribes gathered and the tribal shaman met together, they share experiences and ideas and began the creation of beliefs or dogma shared by this larger community.

As populations grew the Mystery School was used for the training of those selected to become future religious and community leaders. At this stage the split began between the simple rules of religion taught to the ordinary people and more complex concepts and information given to the leaders. These "Mystery Schools" became the Seminaries and Universities that still exist today.

Recently there seems to be a return of the use of the term Mystery School along with the original intent for these schools. The new Mystery Schools focus on helping people to fulfill their human potential. They teach ways to balance the use of both right and left hemispheres of the brain and connect with our spiritual essence.

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