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Learn natural ways to live a healthier life, and find inner peace. At Bridges, we do not diagnose disease, prescribe drugs, or perform surgical procedures. We provide an alternative to traditional medical practice by offering a different way to deal with health problems.

Take Control: A Guide to Holistic Living

Nearly $1.5 billion per year is spent on alternative medical treatments. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the healthcare profession, as a registered nurse, health educator, associate professor, and a board certified traditional naturopath, Dr. Mundorff explores a variety of medical options designed to promote a natural lifestyle in Take Control: A Guide to Holistic Living. Writing in a style that healthcare professionals and laypersons alike will understand and identify with, Mundorff will help you take control of your health by discovering the practical effectiveness of alternative medicine in conjunction with modern medicine. Informative, insightful, and humorous, Take Control allows you to gain control of your health by becoming a self-advocate in your care.