Aquarian Foundationsm



All Public Meetings Held At:
321 NE 20th Avenue Portland, OR 97232
Please Call: 503-236-1128

Public: Sunday Morning Worship Services,
11:00am, Spiritual Psychic Readings.
Public: Wednesday Evening Services,
8:00pm, Individual Spiritual Psychic Healing.

Spiritual Psychic Development Center:
Spiritual Gifts listed in 1st Corinthians, Chapter 12, through genuine, sincere, and loving people. Join in fellowship and worship God with us in our fashion. See the Beauty of our Chapel, Feel the Spiritual Power, Hear Divine Wisdom. Your mind will be expanded.

Spiritual awareness leads to Spiritual experience. Become filled with the Joy of living. Yes it can happen to you. You can "Become Visionary and Fulfill Your Vision."
Rev. Billie L. Davis, Available by Appointment: Spiritual services include weddings.

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