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by Ana Carol Kaleolani Roland

Astrology is a tool to help each person awaken to their true nature and live each moment consciously. StarPaths provides information of the changing patterns of enegy affecting each Sign. It is updated each month.

Welcome to StarPaths.

This column focuses on the human maturation lessons presented each month as seen in the patterns of major transits in our heavens.

Biologist now believe that our DNA is constantly being programed by the energy tensions in our environments. One of these programming energies comes from the planetary patterns.

Early astrology focused on the visible changes of the Moon Cycles. Specific behaviors in humans, animals, large bodies of water could be observed during each of the Moon phases. Over time the same developmental cycle of patterns could also be seen in the Earth-Sun cycle.

Archetypal traits associated with each time period were observed and recorded by these ancient astronomer/astrologers. These periods of time were named by the ancients and applied to constellation of stars seen in the night skies at that time. Differences in behaviors can now be understood as relating to the varied tensions which create the elliptical path of the Earth as it circles the Sun and moves between the Sun and the Galactic Center.

StarPaths is the Monthly Astrology Column

for Community ConneXion by Rainbow Aloha Astrology

June and Geminii

Late May and most of June are the developmental step energy associated with the human toddler. This is the stage of life when one begins to gain a bit of independence due to increase physical agility and ability to walk. It is also the stage of learning language through parroting the sounds heard in association with people, items, pictures and actions.

Ability to repeat what is heard with superficial associations does not mean understanding. This developmental stage of repeating the words of others is often continued by some throughout their whole lifetime  and mistaken by many as wisdom.

The Planet associated with Gemini is Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun and one considered to be the messenger. Although usually depicted as male this energy is the third balance or phase of Human Identity. Aries/Mars is the Yang and Taurus/Venus is the Yin part of this identity. Gemini is a mental sign represented as the Twins and tends to be gender balanced regardless of physical sexual identity. Gemini males and females will pursue what interests them intellectually regardless of the typical societal associations in the past. As we enter into the Mental-Air Age of Aquarius, many societies are beginning to drop the traditional occupational stereotypes.

Gemini and the Third House are also the developmental areas associated with an awareness of other people in the environment. This is an awakening to the concept of family with each person playing different roles. The human begins to mature from the dependency and receiving energy of Venus to a desire for more independence and freedom. At the same time they must learn that other beings in their environment desire the same recognition of their needs.

The primary lesson to learn in the stage of Gemini and third house is COMMUNICATION. It is through the early communication skills that the person learns to listen and speak effectively. The twin or dual nature of this sign is reflected in this balance of give and receive; listen and speak.

The ultimate Developmental Goal of this Sign and its Developmental steps is WIN-WIN. This is the task of Developmental Step 12. In Step 11 one learns your own family role and the expectations the family has placed on you for service based on your personal skills. Step 12 is the balance of the family or community helping the individual to be the best it can be  and the individual serving the group and encouraging the other individuals.

In Hawaiian, this is called ohana; the Maori call this energy Whanau. This is the energy of extended family  not necessarily blood relatives. It is also this spirit of love, communication, and cooperation needed to bring all Beings into peaceful, productive co-existence.

May and Taurus 2014

May is primarily the sign of Taurus. In European astrology this is the Sign of the Bull, but this includes all cattle. The immature Taurus is motivated by the Venus desire to receive energy. This is the developmental stage of about six months through walking. During this stage it tends to be completely dependent upon others and must struggle to gain mastery of its physical body. It usually learns to first use a smile and sweetness to gain what it desires. But this stage also contains the "terrible two's" when it may use temper tantrums to attempt to gain what it desires. In this behavior, Taurus is like the expression, "Bull in a china shop'; it can often be quite destructive and even harmful to itself and others. But when mature it can be a hardworking partner-team worker like the oxen.In North American, Native American, symbolism Taurus is the busy beaver, who is so focused on building its own habitat that it is unaware of its impact on other beings in its environment. The dams it builds can be harmful to others. This is a stage of sounds that become words in the developmental stage and sign of Gemini. Baby beavers make noises that sound much like that of human children.In Hawaii Taurus is the sign of the Pig. Pele, Goddess of the Volcano associated with Pluto and Scorpio is said rival and even dislike the Pig (its opposite sign of Taurus). She also has a love -rivalry relationship with Hi'iaka - Venus, the ruler of Taurus. Hi'iaka is the goddess of small plants that spring from the lands recycled by Pele's lava flows.

Aries 2014

Ram - Sheep is the primary trait given by ancient astrologers for those born during the 30 days following the Spring or Vernal Equinox. The Roman name for this time period, still used by practitioners of European Astrology, is Aries.The energy of this time period of that of infancy. It is a time to become aware of the importance of imagination - the internal thought and visualization processes. AND it is now time to take physical action to manifest your visions into this physical dimension. This is also a time to closely examine the internal picture you have of your own ideal physical image and begin the effort to birth that desired image into your reality. Begin a process of noticing all of the different images and personalities that make up your complex IDENTITY. Everyone is really a group of inner-world beings acting as one unit. Like any team or corporation, each has specific assigned duties but represent the whole, to others. Each inner person will tend to dress differently and have different values and beliefs. Often these inner parts do not get along with each other. The inner conflict is brought to the attention of the whole when the inner traits and seen in the people in the outer environment.A primary life goal for all people is to begin to recognize your inner world and focus on creating inner maturity and cooperation. Astrology was a tool developed to assist people to see their inner-world parts and begin to do the work needed to help any inner children to mature. Each inner-world sub-personality part has a range of potential from infant-like behaviors to maturity. Each Sign represents a Developmental Stage of Life but these stages also have a full bell curve potential of behaviors ranging from infant to mature spiritual/universal minded adult.The ancient Key Word Phrase for Aries is "I SEE." Begin to really see all of the parts of your IDENTITY. Create a list by visualizing the traits of your inner planet archetypes as an inner person. Begin to get to know each of these parts: What is the image projected through your physical body and speech when this part is in charge of the inner group? What are the goals, values, and beliefs of this part? What inner parts are it's friends? Which inner parts are in conflict and how does each part handle the conflict?For more information about Astrology Planets as sub-personality archetypes go to the link on the side for Rainbow Aloha Astrology.

Pisces 2014

Happy Birthday to all Pisces friends and I seem to have an abundance of them. The Sign of Aquarius is associated with the 11th house of friendship and community and many Pisces people have either Mercury or Venus or both in Aquarius. However, it is probably the deeper spiritual quality of Pisces that makes them feel more like Soul Family. Pisces energy is that found in the womb during gestation. During this month there is a tendency for people to want to pull back a bit from external activities. The weather in most of the US seems to be encouraging hibernation if you can.Many Pisces people seem to be involved, like a mid-wife, in assisting others in a re-birthing process. Many dream of creating retreat centers and make visiting their homes or just being in their presence feel like you can relax and recharge.So during your birthday month I would like to say Mahalo (Thank You) to all Pisces Sun, Ascendants and 12th House Piscean like people out there. You are often empaths and need to give yourself the gift of time to recharge your own energy during your birthday month.

Aquarius 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! This might seem a strange holiday to have during the energy of Aquarius which is a fixed mental signed. The key word for this energy is "I Know." Its energy is associated with the Life Area of our friends and social service organizations.Perha this is a perfect time to celebrate LOVE. It is a time for understanding the true meaning of love as the universal and spiritual energy that binds us all together. The Hawaiians call this ALOHA. This word combines the concept of alo which means light, knowledge, wisdom with the HA which is the breath or loving energy of Spirit. To aloha a person or situation is to direct this loving energy toward them. Aloha contains the manna, the building blocks of Spirit. The energy fills the person and situations with the loving energy that might have been depleted by the pilikia, the traumas and dramas, of life.

So on St. Valentine's Day remember to be like the saint this day is named for and consciously let your own Aloha, your light and love, shine.

Happy 2014

This year the Natural New Year Cycle began on the Roman Calendar New Year Day with the New Moon at 3:15 am on January 1, 2014.New Moons are always the beginning of a new cycle. They carry the energy of CONCEPTION.Every cycle of time can be divided into Developmental Stages of Creation. Your own life follows those creative steps as do all the projects of your conscious ( and unconscious ) creations.The lunar cycle time of CONCEPTION lasts for the first three days of the New Moon. The Solar Year time of CONCEPTION lasts about six weeks. During this time period you can tap into the natural energy to help you to set conscious goals for the cycle. The ancient people understood this concept - thus the tradition of making New Year Resolutions. The Romans set the 1st Day of the Year of their Calendar ten days after the Capricorn Solstice. This is an average date of the time the Natural New Year begins with the first New Moon after the Capricorn Solstice which marks the end of the old year. The time in between is equivalent to the Dark of the Moon in the Lunar Cycle. Both are times of putting aside the mundane human activities and celebrating Spirit. These time periods are best used with an attitude of releasing and blessing the old and receiving inspiration for the new cycle.With the New Year and New Moon energy seeds are planted in your Sub-Conscious Mind. Your thoughts and words during the time period of CONCEPTION can take root and draw to you during the cycle what you stated you wanted.Emoti is a strong energy force that feeds the seeds of your thoughts and words. Careless habitual unconscious statements, mixed with fears, all to often create and draw conditions into the life that are stronger than the conscious desires could create.So, have a Happy 2014 by becoming consciously aware of the relationship between your thoughts & words and what you draw into your physical life. Use the extra energy during the first six weeks of 2014 and the first three days of each New Moon Cycle to help you to plant Conscious Aloha Thoughts and Words.Surround these words with the emotion of gratitude which in Hawaiian is called Mahalo. ALOHA & MAHALO (LOVE & GRATITUDE) are your magical words and attitudes of CONCSIOUS CREATION.

Winter Solstice and Capricorn 2013

Winter Solstice is an important time to become aware of the creative power of mind. In the repetitious spiral of time, Winter Solstice is the yearly equivalent to the new moon. This is equivalent to the time period of conception in a human lifespan. Genesis states that in the beginning was the word. Our thoughts both conscious and unconscious can also create. Many people now are learning to understand this secret of creation passed through the ages to those who were ready and willing to receive the gift of conscious living. We have complete a three year cycle of eclipses related to changes in information exchange. November of 2012 started a cycle of eclipses which will help us to examine and change the way we establish our personal Values and Beliefs. Pluto has been in the Sign of Capricorn since August 2008 calling for an awareness and change in the way that humanity is creating their realities. Now we must look at how the unconscious values and beliefs of a person and those of people in their close environment affect the personal conditions in each person's life.

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