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There are many benefits to creating music in a group, and it is widely accepted by teachers, youth workers, music therapists, and health practitioners as being an effective way to encourage life skills and develop confidence and self-esteem.

A drum circle is accessible to all participants at any level of entry.

Drumming increases concentration and focus, helps develop communication skills and encourages people to listen and communicate effectively with each other. It is a great way for people to explore their creativity, which leads to greater respect and understanding of themselves and others.

Did You Know
Our drum circles have been tested and proven for many years. We guarantee the very best in group recreation possibilities. Our drum circle program is a positive approach to drumming. We take the risk and guess work out of establishing a drum circle at your facility and best of all we provide all of the instruments.

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The Musician

The musician is constantly adjusting decisions on tempo, tone, style, rhythm, phrasing, and feeling. Training the brain to become incredibly good at organizing and conducting numerous activities at once.

Although many might assume that drum therapy is a fairly recent advent, this is not necessarily the case. Some proponents advocate that drum therapy is an ancient technique and evidence of its history may be found in both Asia and Africa, where some of the world's oldest civilizations reside. While it may be true that drum therapy has been around for thousands of years, it is also true that in the 20th and 21st centuries, science has been used in an attempt to verify the therapeutic effects of drum therapy and its rhythm techniques. Much to the delight of drummers everywhere, some studies indeed show that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system, produces feelings of well being and even has a calming effect on people suffering from Autism, Alzheimer's and various traumatic experiences.