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Periodontics, Dental Implants, Integrative Oral Health Coaching


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Portland Dental Implants

What Are The Advantages of Dental Implants? Dental implants provide you with the option of permanent, fixed, tooth replacements. Implants are made of pure titanium as are hips, knees and other joint replacements. In certain cases, Dr. Madden will surgically place a dental implant that can immediately support a crown. In other cases, there is a waiting period of several months before your dentist can place the crown or bridge on the implant.


Who Should See a Periodontist? A periodontist is a specialist dentist who diagnoses and treats all diseases of the gums and bone supporting your teeth. Those at increased risk for periodontal diseases include people with diabetes, heart disease, poor immune status, men, and smokers who have not yet been able to quit tobacco. Periodontitis is about 60% genetic and runs in families.

Portland Periodontist

Dr. Madden's Integrative Oral Health Coaching Skills. Your periodontal status is primarily a result of your ability and willingness to perform a variety of challenging health related behaviors. Because oral health is an important determinant of your general health, Dr. Madden is well trained and committed to pleasantly assisting you with all the aspects required for you to achieve perfect gum health, no matter what it takes.  No lectures, no scolding, no guilt.

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