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CHE Newsletter Update

Listen to CHE on KBOO The CHE newsletter serves as an update for CHE participants and other individuals who want to learn more about the latest events and services offered by Cascadia Hour Exchange (CHE). Please send us an email request if you wish to actively participate or be added to our mailing list. You can contact John by phone (503-810-8382) or just Google 'jpoling'

phone 503-810-8382
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mail PO Box 8608, Portland, OR 97207

Need free CHEmail Help

CHEmail is FREE to members. It is a self publishing service of Cascadia Hour Exchange in cooperation with Community Connexion eMagazine. For FREE CHE help just search for 'jpoling' at Google. For FREE classifieds and FREE event listings search for Community Connexion online or see above logo button and then click on LINX Directory or browse EVENTS.

Where is all the CHE Action?

The Portland, Oregon, USA area currently has two locations that sponsor monthly CHE meetings. The third Thursday evening for the CHE Action Auction is near the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center.The fourth Monday evening is at Sleighbells in Sherwood. Call us for more locations, information and directions.

Most of the action is between participants during the rest of the month. CHE offers an excellent record keeping system between participants, without the need of an office or central computer.

Local Currency is the KEY to Urban Sustainability and Global Accountability. In the greater Portland area we have been having meetings and exchanging goods and services since 1994. We are not talking about money. We are not a barter club. We are Better Than Barter. We are 'CHEHours' and that stands for Cascadia Hour Exchange. CHE is the currency of choice for our participants, who offers hundreds of goods and services, without credit cards or the Federal Reserve System. CHE offers an accounting system, without money, bookkeepers, accountants or even a central office, where participants can exchange what they have for what they want. Businesses reach new clients without a sales force. Everyone ... except Big Business (the 1%) and the corporate monopoly ... participates in the benefits of exchanging goods and services locally. We have a monthly gathering at both Jantzen Beach and Sleighbells in Sherwood. At our Third Thursday evening meeting at Jantzen Beach, we have a CHE food court, CHE Action Auction and other services provided by CHE participants. At our 4th Monday dinner meeting, at Sleighbells, we have a dinner and CHE exchange, followed by our CHE Action Auction. Call JOHN @ 503-810-8382 for more information and directions to the meetings or just go to