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Participate CHE-Jantzen-Beach
Jantzen Beach CHE
PO Box 8608, Portland, OR 97207-8608
The monthly Jantzen Beach CHE pot luck meeting and auction is held every 3rd Monday at the Hayden Island Mobile Home Community, in the Clubhouse, 1501 N Hayden Island Drive, 97217. It is located North of Plaid Pantry, across from Target. The meeting starts at 6 pm. and features CHE business networking, member & guest introductions, product & services exchange plus the 100% all CHE Auction. The admission fee is 1/2 CHE, if you bring a pot luck item, or 1 CHE for the meeting and dinner, including vendors table. First time quest are always FREE.

phone 503-810-8382

Third Monday Monthly Meeting -

The Jantzen Beach CHE meeting is located behind the Plaid Pantry, directly across from the Jantzen Beach Target.. Admission is 1/2 CHE and includes your vending table. First time guest are FREE. Bring an item for the 100% CHE auction. Meet new members and learn about everyones latest business plans. Bring a food item to share or just buy your dinner with CHE. Dinner is pot luck or CHE, plus 1/2 CHE admission.