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2132 Strahle St
Philadelphia, PA

Organizing, Follow-thru, Brainstorming

I await your call to help you and your business opportunities excel to the next level by giving a new perspective and helping you focus on what is really important. I do this by asking, listening, responding to your questions, then offering a plethora of ideas and suggestions that will give insight and understanding to how vast your business can be and the lives you can touch. I will brainstorm with you and take the tidbits from the session that need further discovery. I will do the research, make the contacts, bring you and the new people together and then you will see your ideas and thoughts become a reality. I have clients who are very talented in their own field. They may have an amazing life story, a great product or offering a unique service. I offer an opportunity to not only to help them think out of their own world but then, I will go the next step of finding what they are looking for and be the connection. I look at many aspects of life as giant jig-saw puzzles that need another perspective to be assembled correctly. My background is as a community organizer, newspaper publisher/manager and in niche media. This has given me a way to meet people in unusual situations that require unusual answers. I have gathered resources from my past experience and in the virtual world. Please contact me and we can see if there is a connection

phone 215-941-7269
map 2132 Strahle St
mail Philadelphia, PA 19152