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If You Only Knew

Your Soul Speaks

If you only knew, That I, your Soul---am a Spark of the ENDLESS INFINITY A Ray-of-Light, within the Transcendent Ocean of Divinity. And you my beloved, are my lower self---an atomic speck within your Soul, who is I --- your Higher Self. Together --- we roam fiery firmaments and starlit heavens

If you only knew, That the consciousness which Iam---is the seed for your consciousness Our bond forever unbroken by My Eternal Troth You, my emissary --- I send out into time and space For it is through you, that I experience life within duality You are my intermediary between the transcendent and matter. If you only knew, That My existence is yours ---We are entwined Lovers Closer are you to Me --- then you are to yourself Iam above and behind and embrace you at all times I watch and guide you --- in the innocence of your sleep and as you delve into the dim caverns of your humanity

If you only knew, It is My breath, which supports you throughout all your wanderings Iam your exhaustion, as you traverse endless shadowed valleys Iam youre delight, when you discover sunlit paths Iam your trepidation, as you arrive on unknown shores Your steps are my steps --- never, ever --- are you lost to Me.

If you only knew, Iam your Comforter --- watching in Love and Compassion When crying out amidst your human travails --- I am there I hear your sobs and feel your teardrops falling when lost within the wilderness of deepest despair It is My Light --- which shines to illuminate your darkness. If you only knew, That when your at play --- Iam the laughter of your delight and when you recognize Me, Iam the Joy that swells in your heart When merged within My Flow --- it is I --- who carry you along the currents, which are your lives It is I, your Beloved --- who always sends you what you need.

If you only knew, That Iam THE GRACE, which comes unannounced --- swiftly like a thunderbolt when you are ripe for passing beyond your old thresholds With Her touch, She has ground your old values into dust and cloaked you in a new mantle --- made for wider vistas

If you only knew That Iam the sustenance of your life and you my Cosmic rover, whom I send into the farthest Reaches Yours are the senses through which I walk, feel and experience It is through the cells of your body --- that I touch matter Hand in hand We journey Existence together.

If you only knew, That the endless ache within, is your unknown longing for Me though you know it not and go seeking outward for My substitute You wander far and wide, searching for this unknown Call You need but ask --- and I --- your most Beloved Shall come --- to lead you back to Me.

If you only knew, That Iam always with you --- for you are the wave in my ocean When the ending journey of your transient life approaches and the time is near --- for your return home to Me I shall meet you --- as you cross the threshold of death Enfold you --- and make you Whole again.