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Song of the Stone
Barry Brailsford was one of the very few white men to be invited into realms of ancient and sacred knowledge long thought lost.
Song of the Stone describes his fascinating odyssey into the world of the wisdom keepers of New Zealand and beyond.
The Waitaha story speaks of a nation that walked the realms of the Higher Mind, tapped into the stream of ultimate awareness and created a wonderful vision of how the world might be. They did it, walked it, held the vision for 1500 years and they said ....

"If we can, so can you."

Barry Brailsford

New Zealand .. Author, Historian, Archaeologist

phone 310-422-8349

Song of the Stone


Song of the Stone shares Barry Brailsford's journey into the old wisdom and how it brought him into the world of the elders of many nations. It tells of five great journeys made at the behest of the elders. The first journey was to open the old trails across the mountains, the second to honor the ancestors of the lands of the red earth of Colorado and Utah, the third to put in place the great stone circle in the heart of North America, the fourth to honor the ancient ones who set in place the megalithic stone structures of Europe and the last the most difficult of all, the journey within himself.

Song of the Stone carries us into a big world. It is a realm where trust and courage asked much of ordinary people, where the peaceful way is the power and hope the purpose. It affirms the ancient weave of our beginnings, the oneness that brings us to the universal lore. It says Maori and Hopi speak with one voice, that Maori and Celt are of one mind, that Maori and Zulu have one knowing, that Maori and Haida Indian are of the same ancestors. It brings us back to the source. It tells us that what we thought was lost has merely been held safe until this time of need.

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THE AUTHOR: Barry Brailsford

This historian and archaeologist was taken into the realms of the ancient and sacred knowledge.

Barry Brailsford says his love of the land, and the mystery of the past, is his birthright. Born in Mawhera, the ancient anchorage of the great navigator and stone worker Poutini, and nurtured by the wild coastlines and forested mountains of Westland, New Zealand he knew a childhood where the spirit soared.

He graduated MA (Hons) from Canterbury University, was a member of the NZ Archaeology Association Council and a Principal Lecturer at the Christchurch College of Education. In 1990 he was awarded an MBE for his contribution to education and Maori scholarship.

When asked about his ancestry, he smiles and says, 'In the Derbyshire part of the Doomsday book of 1086, in the fortieth entry, you will find 'Elfin of Brailsford'. I am a dancing leprechaun.' of