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Joy-Full Holistic Remedies is an empowering book written in unflinching details about how the author Georgie Holbrook healed a seven year disfiguring 'incurable' disease which also included near blindness.
This book helps solve the mystery of how an apparently healthy person suddenly develops a devastating illness and how childhood issues can be manifested as physical challenges which may appear later on in life. Most importantly this book describes how this process can be reversed.

This book is written as a wake-up call for those who have been taught they don't have time to feel, grieve, nurture themselves, play, or heal naturally.

Quoting Georgie, "there are not enough surgeries, medications or addictions to squelch the internal cries of hidden hurts caused by emotional abuse.. Men and Women have been taught that certain body parts aren't needed and can be discarded as a quick fix to get on with our fast paced lives. When all along our friendly body acting as a 'messenger' is trying to tell our story to get our attention, that once understood can re-direct our lives. Here is a chance to learn how to prevent and heal many if not all health related issues and thereby find joy-full living.

Georgie Holbrook, will lead you through sixteen chapters of emotional and physical self-help remedies to re-claim your own inherent ability to heal. The author doesn't know the words 'can't heal' but encourages and gives hope to people to believe that they can always heal . any situation. She further states that nothing is impossible with God, so 'label yourself brilliantly self-healing' and get ready to be inspired.

Capturing worldwide attention, her book is an easy-to use guide to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Visit her web site when you need encouragement.

phone 281-218-8773
mail P.O. Box 591661, Houston, Texas

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