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Jul-Aug, 2001
It's Time to Claim Your Power!
Planetary Heavy-Hitters Transform Your Life.
A Few Things You Should Know About Food Irradiation Innocent Huna
Exploring Ancient Hawai'ian Healing
The White Hornet Horn of Africa,
an Adventure in Ethiopian Cuisine
An Interview with Judith Cornell
Author of Mandala, Luminous Symbols for Healing and Amma, Healing the Heart of the World
How big is your Aura?
(Creating harmony amidst chaos)
Fluoride in Drinking Water Increases Toxicity of Aluminum Miracle In The Void:
The New Energy Revolution
Editorial: Angels Needed! Farmers Markets in the Portland Area Disclosure Project Peace Begins Inside I Dare To Heal with Compassionate Love Cancell Kiss the Bliss,
Handbook for Millennium Miracle Workers
Alberta Street Co-Op Opens Its Doors See the Self Everywhere A Visit With Mother Teresa of Calcutta The Message From Water Miracle Healing Water
A personal story of communication with a Goddess of Light
Remembering Our Roots The Absolute "Yes" The Free Trade Agreement -
Why We Should Be Concerned
Weight Loss Fusion: Ayurveda & Hypno My Dalai Lama Week Starscope: July - August, 2001 Putting Money Back into the Hands of the Spiritual People - Sri Siva speaks Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS)
Navy Sonar System Threatens Marine Mammals
Life in the Slow Lane
Italy shows the way with Slow Food & Slow Cities
A Psychic Comes Out
Better Not Bigger
How to Take Control of Urban Growth and
Improve Your Community
Stop Asthma with Water! The Natural Singer The Power of Meditation Germany To Phase Out Nuclear Energy Organic/Natural Foods Resources Fribromyalgia A Prescription for Disease:
Commercial Pet Foods’ Deadly Ingredients
Of Cabbages and...
Market Developments in Portland
In Praise of Bodhicitta
May-Jun, 2001
Gwa Sha The Secret Of Our Reflected Universe
Unlocking the Mystery of Heaven Through the Science of Man
Children: Masters in Disguise The Goddess of Fifth Avenue:
Quan Yin and Compassion
NW Herbal Symposium Toward a More Sustainable Future The Eagle and Condor Meet Powerful Summer Eclipses Ahead The Dances Of Universal Peace Lee Carroll, Channel for Kryon Cafè works to feed the hungry May the Angels Be with You Grounding through the Earth Soul Hypnosis for Illness and Surgery Cayenne Pepper/Capsicum Testimony of Neurologist Citizen Activism Dampens Water Threat Letters to the Editor Vitamin E Helps Arteries
Even After a High-Fat Meal
Message from South Africa Sewage And Fish Waste Keep Buses On The Road Citizen Activism 2 Starscope: May - June, 2001 A Sandy couple create their dream solar home Community News Reaching The Edge Trust Us, We're Experts :
How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles With Your Future
Profound Food for Thought Ten Top Tips to Developing your Own Psychic and Healing Abilities Going Nuts Might Be Good For You From Land of Snows to the City of Roses Computer Arms The Wild Food Primer
Mar-Apr, 2001
The Significance Behind Easter Neem Karoli Baba Understanding Love Surrender in The Sufi Way Firewalking
A spark-ling interview with the originator of the modern firewalking movement, Peggy Dylan
Falun Gong Encounter Groups Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Hypnosis Spring Fever is in The Stars
Isn't it about time to put the passion back into your life?
Do Test Scores Reveal Good Teachers? Competition: A Glass Half-Full Community News Appreciation: An Attribute of the Soul Diary of a "Cancer" On the Wings of Heaven:
A True Story from a Messenger of Love
Living Goddess Comes to Town Planets & Possibilities:
An Interview with Astrologer Susan Miller
The Nature of Time Aspartame, a Deadly Sweetner? Your Body's Many Cries for Water
As Viewed, So Appears What’s Your Worth???
Since You’re Priceless!!
Abundance and Feng Shui Jyotisha: The Science of Vedic Astrology Troubadour of Peace and Light
James Twyman interviewed
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2001 Starscope: March - April 2001 If your body is out of shape, its because you are not being in it Coming Times - Part Three
Revelations of Archangel Michael
Business Connexion Calendar Writing our own Holy Scriptures Compassion the Greatest Gift of Life A Holistic Optometrist Massage and Car Accidents Delicious Recipe to Remove Heavy Metals Ask Premaji The 2001 Procession of the Species An Artist in City Hall
Ron Paul interviewed

Jan-Feb, 2001
Three Important Questions Tattle Tale! Sorrowful Truths and Contrition Stirring the Subatomic Soup Coming Times Health Products Review for the New Year The Condor and the Eagle Cancer-Causing Estrogen - a Safer Alternative Experience Ta Ke Ti Na! Rhythm for Evolution Interview with June Cotner Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work Wrist Pain Is the Man always Right? Starscope: January - February 2001 Autobiography of a Spirit, by Don P. Ferrari Winter Woolies Hopi Blue Star Prophecy and the Mir Spacecraft Raising Your Child with Spirit: Eloquence in Silence Evolving Community Consciousness "Breathe In...Sing Out!" Finding One’s Own Song A Journey to Self-Discovery What is Your Life Purpose and Why is it Important? We Are All Healers Healing through the Heart of Light Books in Brief Community News Body Centered Personal Growth Astrology Shifts for 2001
Nov-Dec, 2000
In Search of the Slug Sublime A Heaven on Earth, by Jenka A Time for Forgiving, The Revival of the Clatsop Tribe Editorial Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting Breathing, Oxygen & Disease The Art of Cooperation The Cosmically Resonant Communities Realm of Unspoken Words: A Prinicple of Vibration Seven Soul Ray Esoteric Astrology A Message to Younger Brother Playing with the Divine Permanence A Spiritual Togetherness The Seven Essene Mirrors Hypnosis for Children A Synchronistic Encounter Destress and Let Your Mind Soar, Sudarshan Kriya interviewed Starscope: October - November 2000 Coming Times A Visit with Sister Susan, the Stigmatic Nun of Kerala The Geometry of Space What Are They Doing to Our Milk? Bring In the Clowns, Anna Abraham interviewed Staying Grounded on the Spiritual Path Publisher's Page A Lesson in Decision Making Ask Premaji Business Network The Initiation An Evening with The Ascended Masters Ten Reasons to Throw Our Your Microwave The Trouble with Tofu Neck Pain Whistleblowers on BGH Win Suit Choose Your Own Creation! Books & Websites to Support your Relationship
Sep-Oct, 2000
Lucky Ducks! Work On Your Own Issues First! Dreaming True, An Interview with Robert Moss All Love: A Guidebook for Healing with Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and SKHM Whenever Two or More Are Gathered in My Name Take Care of your Body Editor's Column - Native American Sovereignty Starscope: September - October 2000 Mind-Body Connection Holistic Fitness ECO-OK for Chiquita Banana Autumn Equinox ~ Gemini's breath of Fresh Air An Evening with Eckhart Tolle Images of the Heart The New Children Vision + Participation = A City that Works Psychic Surgeons of the Philippines Riding Windhorses - Tales of a Mongolian Shaman Consensus, Principle and the New Generation of Activists Behaving as if the TO DO List is DONE! Creating Mandalas Business Network Music and Words: A Marriage Made in Heaven Creating a Passionate Marriage Eight Steps to Happiness Publisher's Page All We Have is Each Other Callings by Gregg Levoy - Review Obsessive Compulsive Disorder The Power of Story
Jul-Aug, 2000
Spirit and Nature My Spiritual Journey as a Single Mother Awakening - In Pursuit of the Divine Paradox The Genius Frequency Editorial Parent Mentor Program Bringing Our Lives Into Balance Conclusions on Chemtrails Going With the Flow Poverty and Globalization Visionary Ecovillage Destroyed Growing Food & Friends in the City Conscious Relationship - A Gateway to Freedom Visioning for the Future World Religions & the Essential Spirit Alternatives Newsletter Waking Up in the Dream Together Its the Summer Eclipse Season Starscope: July - August 2000 Ultimate Powers of Light "Good and Evil: A Principle of Polarity" Free Cultural Event Wake-up Call Global Rainbow Culture of Peace Festival California Senate Chinese Medicine Sound Advice from the Master DK NASA Listening To Native Elders To Help Save Environment Fluoride is Poison Jin Shin Publisher's Page The Day Out of Time Alkalinity and Your Body Shoulder Pain Jammin' With an Angel Will Couples Therapy Help? What is God Consciousness Healer Heal Thyself Self-Hypnosis Business Network
May-Jun, 2000
Enter the Pyramid Student Striker Speaks to all Women from Mexican Women's Prison On Being A Conscious Single Why Sex Is Sacred The Little Community That Could Rediscover the Goddess in Brittany Tending Our Fires in Feng Shui Prenatal Stress Raising Children with Spirit Using Hypnosis to Heal Yourself Welcome Back Marcy Calhoun Unfulfilled Dreams The Pink Papers Headaches Hypnosis & NLP Traveling with Spirit Tibetan Buddhist Master Visits Oregon Heartbeat Backyard Organic Bounty Star Children Mayan Shaman Comes to Portland Follow the Dreaming Tecumseh's Curse ~20-year Meeting of Jupiter and Saturn Starscope: May-June 2000 Konichiwa Oregon Forests - a Welshman's Concern Harvest For the Hungry Journey to the Luminous - the Spiritual Quest of a Contemporary Seeker Monarch Butterfly Eckhart Tolle Many Faces of the Earth Goddess
Mar-Apr, 2000
The Master Djwhal Kuhl Starscope: March-April 2000 Live Blood Cell Analysis A New Paradigm for Love Goddess: "Evidence of the Female Deity" A Season for Nonviolence Steps to Intuitive Healing Group Meditation The Spirit Mercurius The Three Ingredients to Understanding Life Assimilation of Food Ideas for Teaching Your Child Spirituality 7 For 8: Portland Sisters Team Up To Feed Oregon's Hungry Making Balance Health - Whose Business is it? Hypnotherapy and Healing Community Music Interfaith Earth Community Celebration Herbal Medicine: Where Science and Magic Meld Upper Back Pain On the Shelf Business Network Seven Planet Alignment in Taurus
Expanding and Manifesting,Cautiously!
An Afternoon with Wisdom of the Elders Introduction to Vibrational Medicine Interview with Amma Between Scenes My Partner Won't Go To Couples Counseling! Our Food Choices:
A Direct Connection to the Health of the Planet ­ and Ourselves
Awakening Your Mind through Brainwave Training Healing the Inner Trauma or Roots of Sexual Abuse Odd Men In Fronteir Science/ Social Change
"Law of Conscious Intention"
Earth Day 2000 Celebration - Run, Walk and Stand for the Earth Healing Jesus' Way Today? Publisher's Page Organization for Spirituality in the Workplace
Jan-Feb, 2000
Tea ... Here's to Your Health Community Connexion Online Interfaith Volunteers of Clackamas County
Reaching Out to Help Those In Need
Food in the Raw
An Interview with Victoria Boutenko
Catching Up With David Bryen Mystic Vision
Creating a WorldWithout Violence
International Astrology Day 2000 Business Network Pluto/Chiron Conjunction Herald in New Year New Testament Sexism? Choosing the Right Couples Therapist Practical Integrity -- Leading a Simple Life Rapid Eye Therapy Full Spectrum Alternatives for a New Millennium Simply Spiritual Televised Videos Prophecy, Prayer & Choice
Gregg Braden Interviewed
The Birth of the Self Sophia Center in Sellwood
Hearthtalks & Labyrinth Walks Scheduled
For All Home Owners: Keeping Things in Perspective Mirador A New Store with Products for Kitchen, Health & Home Prayer for A New Millennium Conversations with Sound Healer Norma Gentile Equality and World Peace History of Rose Haven A Community Intervention Center for Homeless Women Weight Loss Through Hypnotherapy AKT-NOW
Active Kind Teens Nurturing Our World
Ta Ke Ti Na Returns to Portland Sacred Circles:
Astrology, Feng Shui, Medicine Wheel
A Glimpse of Global Liberation at Folsom Prison Planetary Preview for 2000
Sunspots and Seven-Planet Alignment Changing Your Reality
Title Tales from the Laughing Bodhisattva:
The Flower of Kiu
Feng Shui Interest Grows The Cosmic Dance of Matter and Being Publisher's Page
Nov-Dec, 1999
Past Life Regression Transmutation & Violet Flame The Sacred Path of Awakening By Christopher Love Business Network Should, Ought, Must, Never, Always -- Again! Celebrations Com. Church is Changing Its Format Caring in Our Community Simply Living Spirit Weekend Indian New Year Are Men Stiffed? Susan Faludi is Back Sophia Center Hearthtalks: A Dream Come True Access Ability Woman of the 14th Moon Clustered Water Natural Way (New Location) Publisher's Page Tales from the Laughing Bodhisattva Check Out This Angel! Body Electric: Life Force Energy Opening the Door Within Nightmares: A Sign of Personal Growth Soul Work: A Spiritual & Psychological Quest Acupuncture for Transformation Herbs of Astrology Interview with James Wanless Soul Journeys to the Sacred Inner Temple Interfaith Millennium The Magic of Naka-Ima Introducing ConneXion Online Living Wisdom in the Information Age Misunderstood Mercury Retrograde Astrology as Divination, Part 1 Interfaith Program (Marylhurst) Our Sacred Power of Dreaming
Sep-Oct, 1999
An Invitation... 72 hours Toward the Millenium Women's Voices Invites Your Contributions Singing Bowls: Our Primordial Voice The Power of Women's Spirituality A Tale of Two Women Sacred Ritual and Spiritual Partnership A Soul Purpose Perspective
on Fall Equinox Planetary Activities
Living Wisdom in the Information Age ReCreating Yourself: An intensive retreat based on the principles and messages in Conversations with God My Mother The Wisdom Display The Gandhi Society Two of Tibet's Most Beloved Masters to Visit Portland Letter From Kosovo - "Dianetics Has Given Me a New Life" Mythical Woman / Mythical Man The Season for Non-Violence Dreamwork as a Spiritual Path Bhau Kalchuri: The Fragrance of Divine Love and Life with Avatar Meher Baba Publisher's Page Women's Council Meeting for July Wholistic Resource Guide
Key to the Internet
Eyesight Improvement is Natural Eco-products A Tribute to Marylhurst University
Reflections on Spiritual Traditions & Spiritual Care
A New Reality New Millennium Rising: On Kauai Men are God Natural Way Series Moves to P.S.U. Should, Ought, Must, Never, Always! Microcosm of Communities Celebrate the New Millenium by "Kissing and Dancing All Night" Victory Interfaith Spiritual Center:
Fostering Peace Among Religions and Cultures
Creating a World that Works for All An Open Invitation to Native American Day Integrative Medicine - What Is It? The Body Electric
How Vibrational Therapies Work
Green-Collar Jobs: the Northwest's New Market Initiatives Chakras: Information Centers of the Soul The Answer - When You Need it Raising Children with Spirit
Healing Prayers
Who's Minding the Store? Pan Gu Mystical Qigong Creator
Grandmaster Ou Wen Wei
Society and Life in the 21st Century Hypnosis - Myths and Reality Voice your concern over Genetically Engineered foods Rethinking Homosexuality and the Bible Principles of Sufi Healing (Part one) More About the Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement
Jul-Aug, 1999
Jazz Festival Selects Pure Water What's Love (and Sex) Have to Do with It? It's My Pleasure Business Network Functional Medicine Circle of Light: A Call to Express Our Godselves Reverence For Life Sacred Sexuality for Healing and Intimacy
An Interview with Deborah Anapol, Ph.D.
There are two things we can give our children.
One is roots, the other is wings
Everything to Tickle Your Spirit Herbs Of Astrology How To Stop Arguing and Start Loving! Cognitive Psychology (N.L.P) Modules Global Warming Is Here:
The Scientific Evidence
Easy Mortgage Money - Makes It Easy To Sell Your Home Publisher’s Page Fear Not! August 11, 1999 Total Eclipse of the Sun
Catalyst for Global and Personal Transformation
Clean With Water Only The Heart Holds The Power Phobias - Overcoming Them Through Hypnotherapy Procession of the Species a Success! Frontier Science/Social Change
"Starting With What We Don't Know"
The Dark Night of the Soul Oregon House - Where the Forest Meets the Ocean Meher Baba - Avatar of the Age Announcing Our Expansion
The Church of Scientology Has Moved
Women's Council Kids Need Both Parents: Real Change is Occurring
Celebrate at Waterfront Park!
Portland Welcomes Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche Angeles Arrien:
Warrior, Visionary, Healer and Teacher
The Mysteries of Meditation Revealed Converations with a Shaman Can We Experience God? A Self-Empowerment Center
Where Golden Hearts Heal
Who Are the Teachers of Humans? Colonization and the Recovery of Indigenous Mind Shamanic Drumming Patterns In The Fields
May-Jun, 1999
The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness Be The Change You Want to See Sexism Awareness Astrology Summary Beyond Y2K to a Warm and Positive Future Connection with Mother Earth is Vital to our Sense of Well Beingt
An interview of Frodo Okulam
Recovering Our Indigenous Mind Songwriter of the Month Seeing Who You Really Are Fourth Fridays at Annie's Coffee House Jung's Great Insight The Spirit of the Fire The Wounded Healer Norma Gentile and Healing with Sacred Sound Quitting Smoking The Universe as We Dream It The Tension of the Opposites Dream of a Shamanic Initiation Christina Baldwin Interview 3/22 Dzogchen and Lucid Dreaming Sacred America: The Emerging Spirit of a People Dream of Global Awakening Life is Like a Dream Alchemy Dreaming Up Abundance Awakening in the Dream The Boundary Dissolves Between Dreaming and Waking Transforming Demons into Light The Dreaming Up Process First Fridays at Annie's Creating Heaven on Earth . . . Part II Love's Naked Voice Sensual Play For Education, Fun, and Pleasure! The Rootwoman and the Well Shuddhananda Brahmachari,
Hindu Monk and Sustainable Development Leader
Ghandi Visits Hindu Temple in Portland Sri Karunamayi’s Visit To Portland Violence Against Women DNA has mutated and rendered 60 million immune to disease Interview With Hal Bennett The Mastery of Thought The Men's Movement Revisited My Ever-Evolving Attitude about Mother's Day My Life Was Out of Control! Astrology 1999: Year of Retrograde Planets
Keep telling yourself, "It's a good thing!"
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