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  HYPNOSIS FOR MANIFESTATION We each intend and manifest automatically. We cant help but manifest. However, instead of manifesting lack by default, we can learn to manifest by design what we prefer. Using hypnosis, we have means to access the unconscious mind, where the true power of manifestation lies. Class is in Vancouver. 604-687-4325
7:30-9:30AM   1ST THURSDAYS BSR BREAKFAST Socially responsible investing. BSR Northwest Network, 503-288-9977
11:30AM   SPIRITUAL CITY CLUB A discussion group based on bringing spirituality into focus on community issues. 1st Thursday, lunch available at cost. Rev. Grace Young, 503-643-3209
12-1PM   STRETCH IT OUT WITH JOELLE DUNAETZ Stretch it out with Joelle Dunaetz, Certified Wellness Coach Need some time away to relax your mind and release tension from your body? Join us to stretch that tension out! We will use a variety of stretching techniques, including passive, static stretching and yoga, with the help of soft music to assist in relaxing the muscles and calming the mind! Please bring your own mat. Cost $10 per session or buy 5 and get one free. 503-639-9101
12:30PM   A COURSE IN MIRACLES STUDY GROUP Astoria, Gretchen, 503-338-9515
6-7PM   FATHERS & FAMILIES RADIO SHOW 1450 AM. 503-224-9477
6-7PM   MEDITATION HOUR CDM Psychic Institute invites you to take an hour and enjoy a guided meditation with a group. Whether you are new to meditation or your meditate regularly, you will learn techniques you can use in your everyday life. Call for more information, 3314 SW First Ave., Portland, 503-228-0740
6-8PM   NATIVE NATIONS Television program. Third Thursdays, Channel 11.
7PM   NW ECO-BUILDING GUILD meetings every 2nd Thursday. For environmentally responsible, healthy building. 1331 NW Kearney. 503-222-3881
7PM   REIKI HEALING CIRCLE 1st & 3rd Thursdays at The Reiki House. Email: Call 503 244-0121
7PM   VEDANTA CLASS Meditation and study of Sacred Texts. SRV - Saranda Ramakrishna Vivekananda Assoc. of Oregon. 503-774-2410
7-8PM   GUIDED MEDITATION GROUP Experience a different meditation each week. Love Donation. 503-620-1381
7-8:30PM   SELF HYPNOSIS FOR A BETTER LIFE Learn Ways to Hypnotize Yourself. Spend six exciting Thursday evenings with us, and discover how to make the most out of your mind to give you everything you want out of life. 604-687-4325
7-8:30PM   TURTLE LONGEVITY QIGONG Advanced Qigong Therapy for chronic illness, general wellness, mental & spiritual cleansing 503-244-1330
7-9PM   CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD BOOK 1 STUDY GRP We will be studying Book 1 of CWG Using the Study Guide at Beaverton Unity 12650 SW 5th St. in Beaverton 503-799-4317
7-9PM   POWER OF PENDULUM WITH HYPNOSIS In this advanced level of Self-Hypnosis class, you will learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind using a pendulum  very accurate if used correctly. Not only that, a pendulum itself can be a powerful way to to induce trance. 604-687-4325
7-9PM   REIKI CIRCLE 1st Thursdays. Common Ground Wellness Center, 2926 NE Flanders. Bill Neighbors, 503-797-2647 or Phil Morgan, 503-819-6124
7-9:15PM   SIMPLY SPIRITUAL METAPHYSICS SAMPLER Call for topics. Abundant Life Center, Vancouver, 503-573-2626
7-9:30PM   EFFECTIVE INTUITION This workshop presents a step-by-step approach for developing your intuitive abilities to help you in your personal and professional life. You will have in-class hypnotic exercises to help you have fast and dependable access to intuitive information, which is useful for decision making, problem solving, understanding relationships. 604-687-4325
7:30PM   A COURSE IN MIRACLES STUDY GROUP Salem, Helen, 503-393-4754
7:30PM   VIVEKA CHUDAMANI BY SHANKARA Reading & commentary from text plus dialog and questions 503-235-3919
7:30-9PM   10% TITHERS SUPPORT GROUP 10% tither? Get frustrated waiting for the rewards? Join us for support. Free. 4828 NE 33rd. 503-481-7591
7:30-9PM   BUDDHIST MEDITATION CLASS with Western Monk, Gen Jangsem at HealthQuest, 1330 SE 39th St. 7:00 donation. Mahasiddha Buddhist Center, 503-223-6747
7:30-9PM   MEDITATION Free beginners class. Zen Community of Oregon. 2514 SE Madison. 503-695-2141
7:30-9:30PM   THE NATURAL WAY SERIES 2nd Thursdays, PSU, Smith Center, Multicultural Center. Harrison & Broadway. Earth & Spirit Council, 503-452-4483
7:30-10PM   DRUM CIRCLE Laughing Bird Books, Vancouver. 360-693-7349
9:30PM   FATHERS & FAMILIES Television program sponsored by the National Center for Men, Channel 23. 503 224-9477
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